Environmentalist insurance policies

Many liberals went into denial, outrage, and riot mode after November 8. Now they’re having meltdown over President-Elect Donald Trump’s cabinet nominees with climate and environmental responsibilities. Former Texas Governor Rick Perry at Energy, Oklahoma AG Scott Pruitt for EPA, Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions for Attorney General, ExxonMobil CEO Rex Tillerson at State, Montana Congressman Ryan Zinke at Interior. As Department of Agriculture secretary, and multiple assistant, deputy assistant, and other senior level positions are filled, the meltdown will likely raise sea levels by several feet. It’s even worse than “white supremacists” and “Russian hackers” rigging and stealing the election. Having [...]

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Hillary’s Green Navy sinks in red ink

Making the advanced biofuels uses more fossil fuel energy than the energy they provide; thus the entire exercise in political correctness is pure folly and a scam. President Obama and his minions should be thoroughly rebuked for endangering our military personnel by mandating that the military stop using fossil fuels.

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Brexit for America

The American people need a divorce from the elitist statists who have been running the United States without regard to law, due process. the entire Bill of Rights, and even the Supreme Court. But will they have the stamina and courage to break the chains that bind them to the elites? The future of human freedom everywhere hangs in the balance.

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The developing world wants natural gas and electricity, Hillary Clinton responds with an “epic fail”

While serving as Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton created a nonprofit to fund so-called clean cookstoves that are being marketed as the preferred UN solution for Africans and others without access to electricity (rather than, for example, providing electricity to them)(. Turns out the Clinton Foundation has an interest in this project, and perhaps the deeper goal is acquiring carbon credits for sale to the highest bidder once Hillary becomes President and imposes a carbon tax.

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Obama’s war on oil strengthens our enemies

The latest anti-fossil missile rolled out for launch in President Obama’s fiscal 2017 budget would add a $10 federal “fee” to the price of every barrel of domestic oil at a time when competing and hostile nations are hell-bent to drive struggling American producers out of business. Included are the Saudis, OPEC, Russia, and Iran, along with North Korea as an arms trade beneficiary. The new tax would add about 24 cents per gallon to the price of gasoline which will be bad for consumers, for businesses, and for local, state, and national economies. The revenue would be used to further [...]

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Don’t give up America’s economic and competitive advantage

In the midst of beheadings, Russia's troop buildup inside Ukraine, and Ebola cases skyrocketing, Hillary Clinton made the claim that climate change “is the most consequential, urgent, sweeping collection of challenges we face as a nation and a world.” How bizarre! Even in Germany, where subsidies have built a gigantic solar industry, solar produced only 0.1% of the nation's energy in the month of January. America, notes Marita Noon, has abundant coal, oil and natural gas resources that we ought not squander.

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