Congressional Hearing D-Day May 22!

WATCH LIVE Wednesday May 22 at 10:00 AM. Greenpeace co-founder Patrick Moore & Marc Morano who runs CFACT's Climate Depot set to battle top 3 UN officials at Hearing on UN species report.

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Sea level hijinks

The inconvenient fact is that sea level has been rising at a tiny 1 to 3 millimeters per year, as it has since before the industrial revolution with no significant acceleration.

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CFACT co-sponsors climate and energy conference with EIKE

CFACT is proud to partner with EIKE, the European Institute for Climate and Energy, for the conference which opens today in Dusseldorf, Germany. The conference will feature CFACT's Marc Morano, Craig Rucker and many other prominent science and policy experts including Nir Shaviv, Henrik Svensmark, Francois Gervais, Horst Lüdecke, Lord Christopher Monckton and many more.

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CFACT Eco-Summit 2017: The future belongs to the “skeptics”

Student leaders from across the country just finished attending CFACT’s “eco-summit” leadership conference in Baltimore, Maryland, and are now ready to return to their campuses fully equipped to challenge radical Greens and climate alarmists.

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Join CFACT in Australia!

See "Climate Hustle" the film that exposes the tricks and traps of the global warming campaign as no other film before or since! July 12th Melbourne, July 15th Brisbane, July 18th Sydney.

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