Green non-profit tied to big left-wing money

“The group has deep ties to the legal activists and wealthy donors who are executing a coordinated and well-funded campaign against the energy industry. These connections raise a number of unanswered questions; and as the litigation continues, it’s likely that there will be even more sunlight on EarthRights International.”

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The few, the loud, the anti-fossil-fuel crowd

CFACT Advisor Marita Noon highlights the failure of anti-fracking activists to generate wide-scale support despite flying in super-activist Bill McKibben and spending a boatload of billionaire Tom Steyer's money. Their petition drive has apparently failed to get two vaunted initiatives onto the November ballot there.

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Is the green’s “Daddy Warbucks” helping the planet or himself?

The bloom should be off the rose that is the premise that Tom Steyer is a saint for promoting green energy -- when in reality he is behind a major scheme in which financiers "qualify" homeowners to install solar panels, with the solar credits (taxpayer dollars) accruing not to the individual but to the financiers (Steyer and his cronies). They are going to make billions -- all for a small investment in fear and hope.

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Powerful anti-fossil energy lobbies target students

America's colleges and universities used to take pride in "free speech" -- but today, billionaires and power brokers have conspired to pressure the halls of academe to stifle any dissent to the mantras of the Far Left. Hopefully, today's students will be wise enough to consider that something so feared that it cannot even be mentioned might just be more of a threat to the powers that be than to their own understanding of reality.

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