December 3, 2009

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  • Climategate Caused Great Harm

    “I shall now be reporting Phil Jones to the police for a financial and scientific fraud so enormous that, if it had succeeded, billions of people would have had to bear the cost via the Copenhagen Treaty, which we now know to be a non-solution to a non-problem,” says Monckton

  • Global Governance? Here’s How

    “The EU model is being taken by the UN as a shining model of what they want to achieve at Copenhagen,“ says Lord Monckton. “At first it will appear to be a little technocratic committee, just like the European Union. Start small so nobody notices, but make sure that it is made by treaty so all countries are bound by it thereafter. A treaty is the only way that your constitution created by your founding fathers, can be overridden by foreigners.”

  • Climategate and U.S. political realities

    “Det var i utgangspunktet lite sannsynlig at den amerikanske kongressen skulle gi klarsignal for kvotehandel. «Climategate» har lagt saken helt død. USA kommer ikke til å ratifisere noen avtale fra København eller forhandlingene neste år. Det er ikke politisk støtte blant velgerne.”

  • Alarmists Reject Information

    CFACT members challenged the demonstrators, asking why they weren’t going in to watch the movie.

    ‘Are you aware of the facts in the movie?’ Ruffy asked Berthiaume. Berthiaume told him he’d seen the trailer, but was not interested in watching the film at this time.”