Scientists in Germany reveal flaws in UN science as COP 21 concludes

(Essen, Germany) As COP 21 went into extra innings in Le Bourget, France, scientists assembled from around the world in Essen, Germany to present the hard facts that reveal just how wrong the UN is about global warming.

The two day conference took EIKE dinner speechplace at Haus der Technik in Essen.  It was put on by EIKE, the European Institute for Climate and Energy and cosponsored by CFACT and the Heartland Institute.

EIKE was founded in 2007.  It’s first conference took place in Hannover.  Dr. Fred Singer, father of America’s temperature satellite service, was the first speaker.  CFACT is proud to be a co-founder of EIKE.

EIKE President Holger Thuss opened the cHolger EIKE Essenonference with EIKE’s two mottoes:  “Climate is not threatened, freedom is;” and “Environment yes, climate no.”

Later EIKE General Secretary Wolfgang Mueller said, “on climate, they don’t want us to be fooled by reality.”
A few points:
Climate simulation models are very different from reality, they run cooler.
NASA data has been adjusted to be warmer.
85% of temperature trends were adjusted to be warmer and only 15% cooler.
There are no robust trends in extreme weather.

High water levels marked on this building over the years

High water levels marked on this building over the years

If you use fear as a tool you are not a scientist.
— Dipl. Meteorologe Klaus-Eckart Puls
Solar variation is an important factor affecting the climate.
Ignoring solar impacts and focusing solely on greenhouse gases is a scientific mistake.

 — Dr. Willie Soon and Dr. Henrik Svensmark

A career in climate modeling is embarrassing.  They don’t know what they are doing.

  Climate models have not improved.  Humility is called for.

— Dr. Willie Soon

The composition of ocean water can be a “buffer” against ocean acidification.

— Prof. Dr. Tom Segalstad

EIKE plans to release video of the presentations which will provide a substantial scientific rebuttal to the UN IPCC. The slides and evidence are substantial and daunting.  One thing is clear, climate science is anything but settled.

EIKE presentation



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  1. Dano2

    We can see all the usual suspects are filling the first few rows, who are the young people in the back? People counting the remaining voices of denial?



  2. Wally

    It’s another obvious neo-Marxist attempt to seize huge portions of the world’s economies.
    More power, more control, more money for Big Government.

  3. PhD

    Both the French and German scientists are now coming out declaring this AGW nonsense as a hoax on the public…… there is NO science here just Left wing politics as usual trying to usurp the freedoms we all enjoy in Western societies. Bravo to these scientists who have finally woken up to this fraud.

      • PhD

        Ever heard of Laplace, Lavoisier, Cauchy, Lagrange, Fourier, Poincare, D’Alembert, Lebesgue, Ampere, Becquerel, Curie, Biot, Fermat, Descartes, Pascal, Galois, Legendre etc etc. The list is so long I don’t have time to educate you out of your American school wisdom Dano…… European scientists run CERN.

        • Dano2

          Context. That one is parroting a denier talking point about a French “economic” paper purporting to “refute” climate science.



          • PhD

            It’s the French Mathematical Society that published the paper completely refuting all of the AGW claims. They did it just before the conference.

                    • Dano2

                      You are bluffing that it is a scientific document.

                      And comically bluffing that it completely refuting all of the AGW claims – unless you are making a comedy skit here, in which case I LOLzed!!!!11one



                    • PhD

                      The group is a mathematical society in Paris, France….. it is as credible as any other academic group in the world that many AGW’er’s quote….. it does any excellent job of disposing of much of the BS surrounding the academic sewer that constitutes AGW science fiction. Sorry Dano. And you can LOL as much as you want, it doesn’t change fiction to fact.

                    • Dano2

                      I know who they are, I’ve laughed at that unpublished, non-scientific document for months now. And I’ve been LOLzing at gullible rubes duped by it for just as long.



                    • Dano2

                      Thanks, LOLO, very few sentences in that paid-for white paper can stand scientific scrutiny. It is a joke that only gullible rubes believe.



                    • PhD

                      Wow 58,000 commentaries….. Gee I wonder what you do for a living…. sorry but I took a very small amount of time out from a very profitable and busy career …. have to let you LOL alone in the sad and empty world of a Leftie commentator….. LMFAO

      • Allen Eltor

        Hey stupid I expect you to be saying some things in defense of your fake physics churche’s inability to predict which way a thermometer will go, having been told the answer. Are you going to start defending your church by discussing it’s doctrines or are you just going to sit there while I ridicule you for being too stupid to know hotter from colder?

        You NEED to SAY something to DEFEND your CHURCH.

        And it had better sound as clear as a bell hillbilly.

        Why didn’t you know Phil Jones admitted in 2010 it hadn’t warmed since 1998?

        Why didn’t you know the Met Office admitted in 2013 it hadn’t warmed since 1998 and there has been some slight cooling?

        Give me a description of where you claim you see warming by the magical gases hillbilly.

        Like I said: it had better be as clear as a f***g bell or I’m going to slap you in your religious mouth, then slap you again, and again, for being the stupidest magic gasser to f***k up and get caught off the reservation, spreading your FAKE PHYSICS religion.

        I’m gonna be back here tomorrow sh** for brains and you had better have some damned good answers or we’re gonna make fun of you like you’re the poor kid whose pants are held on with a safety pin.

        Watch and see Magic Gas HicK.

  4. PhD

    Had to laugh out loud…… Limbaugh said now that the Eco-wackos have won with the Paris “agreement”, can we stop hearing about AGW now HA HA HA HA ….. Goes right to the heart of this hoax, the Left just can’t shut up HA HA HA HA Meanwhile the people that make this old world work will just get on by ignoring this nonsense as the standard sewage of the Left.

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