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  • Energy Commissioner: “process of de-industrialization in full swing”

    German electricity prices a barrier to business EU Energy Commissioner Günther Oettinger has told the German government that its taxes and fees on electricity have doubled since 1998, now stand at 41 percent and will continue to increase due to subsidies for alternative energy.  Oettinger warned that this has moved the gradual process of de-industrialization […]

  • Helumut Schmidt calls for scientific scrutiny of the IPCC

    If they’ve lost the old guard of the SPD, who’s left? In a recent speech the former German Chancellor and Socialist leader said that he was concerned, “by the phenomenon of global warming and its alleged consequences. We know that there have always been naturally occurring ice ages and warm periods; what we don’t know is […]

  • No more reliable power grid for the UK?

    Electricity consumers in the UK will need to get used to flicking the switch and finding the power unavailable, according to Steve Holliday, CEO of National Grid, the country’s grid operator. Because of a six-fold increase in wind generation, which won’t be available when the wind doesn’t blow, “The grid is going to be a […]

  • OK, It’s Just a Test

    by Einar Du Rietz

    Next Target for Dr Killjoy

    Sometimes I feel that most forms of climate hysteria are, if not religious, at least more a matter of some personal gratification found in strange life styles.

    This morning I read another interview in with a girl who ventured to move in together with her family in a form of carbon neutral or “climate smart” house and adjust her life for a lengthy period to cut carbon dioxide emissions (or “foot prints”, as it’s sometimes called), and be environmentally friendly in general. I presume there are a lot of strange experiments like this going on around the world, but even trying to apply a friendly, alarmist perspective, I often find it hard to grasp the logic, or the real intentions.

    She complains that the toughest sacrifice has been not being able to fly. Well at least that excludes all the people who have to fly for personal or professional reasons. But more importantly, what’s the point in not taking that trip to London? The flight will leave anyhow, with or without you. Or is it a matter of boycotting all airline companies out of business? Guess it must be. Also know that would have devastating effects on both economy and safety.

  • Between the Lines

    by Einar Du Rietz The EU Comission has a long standing cooperation with  UNEP. Recently, this resulted in joint statement, outlining priorities and strategies for environmental work within a number of areas. At a first reading, suspicious that I was, I was, at least partly, surprised. Apart from the by now apparently compulsory sections on […]

  • Who’s the Real Villain

    by Einar Du Rietz  There are real environmental problems. Not necessarily those threats lazy journalists and politicians demand you to solve, but more often caused by the government. One of the most blatant examples is found in the oceans, in particular those areas controlled by the EU. Millions of Euro are wasted in the incomprehensible […]

  • Enjoy the Game

    by Einar Du Rietz Two of the major players in the media are up there. The BBC (in my opinion one of the best news channels in the world, normally) and on the other side: Christopher Booker, writing a brilliant comment in the (likewise excellent) Telegraph. Mr Booker quite simply seems to be a bit […]

  • The Climate Mystery

    by Einar Du Rietz In the never ending debate on what really triggered WWI, an interesting observation is that August 1914 was one of the warmest months in Europe, during the last century. With no AC, politicians simply went bananas. Naturally, the underlying factors were multiple; trigger happy, sometimes very old, politicians and officers, negligence to […]

  • EU Energy Orwellianism: Ignorance Is Strength

    CARLO STAGNARO In George Orwell’s masterpiece, 1984, one slogan of the party dominating Britain was: “Ignorance Is Strength.” It actually meant that the ignorance of the people is the strength of the government: if people do not know things, or do not have the information to make informed decisions, they are like subjects, not free citizens. Something […]

  • Yet Another Panel

    When I was a kid, we were told that pollution was the worst threat to the world. This pollution was also supposed to be caused by greedy capitalists. The absolute environmental catastrophes behind the iron curtain were yet to be witnessed. And all resources would end. According to the figures I was taught in school […]

  • High Energy

    by Einar Du Rietz Yesterday, I witnessed a courageous team save lives by clearing the roof tops from snow and ice. There has already been casualties this year, caused by falling ice, so I regard these fellows as the heroes of the season. It took – skilled and expensive – manpower, but heavy equipment, including a lift […]

  • Guardian exploits AZ shooting, calls climate realists “Nazis”

    Damian Carrington of The Guardian saw the shootings in Tucson Arizona as a ripe opportunity to score points in the global warming debate, even going so far as to label those he disagrees with “climate Nazis‘ which apparently includes CFACT’s Climate Depot. It now appears that just as any weather event, hot, cold, extreme, or […]

  • A step-change in Earth’s climate outlook?

    As Britain suffers through its third straight harsh winter, a British watchdog group is calling for an inquiry into the failed recent long-range weather forecasts of the British Meteorological Office.


    The Met Office has long one of the leading promoters of man-made warming fears and therefore has tended to see warming around every corner.

    Dr. Benny Peiser of the Global Warming Policy Foundation says, “The current winter fiasco is no longer a joke, as the economic damage to the British economy as a result of the country’s ill-preparedness . . . could reach $15 billion.”

    The Met Office informed the government this summer that there was only a small chance of a severe winter in 2010/11, especially in the midst of a long global warming trend. Now, however, thousands of weary travelers have been stranded in European airports, while highway crews have lacked the sand and salt to keep the roads safe.

    “The key question is,” says British Transport Minister Philip Hammond, ammond“if there was a ‘step change’ in the UK weather, what would it look like?  The answer is, of course, it would look like what we have seen in recent years. Hence there is no logical case to say there hasn’t been a step change.”

    Meanwhile, Dr. Syun-Ichi Akasofu  of the University of Alaska has published a paper in Natural Science saying that since 1850 the earth has been recovering from the Little Ice Age—and that this natural recovery is still continuing at about 0.5 degree per century. Ice cores and seabed sediments show this moderate, natural 1,500-year cycle has been occurring for the last million years. The Modern Warming is likely to be about as warm eventually as the Medieval Warming that blessed the earth with sunny growing seasons from 950–1300 AD.

    At the same time, however, Dr. Akasofu has identified a 50–60 year sub-cycle driven by Pacific Ocean temperatures, which shifted to cool in 1940, to warm in 1976, and back to cool again as of 2000. He is predicting another 20 years of modest cooling for earth before the longer warming trend reasserts itself.

    Back in Britain, the natives are growing restless about the failed “official” long-term weather forecasts.

  • Maybe the Wind Fellas Blew Them

    Einar Du Rietz, reads an interesting article with a new angle on wind power and the EU

    The EU Structural Funds are enormous. Maybe they contribute to something good, but mostly – slightly admitted by everyone in the game – they are a feast for vested interests.

    One of the pet projects for the distributors is renewable energy projects, something the journalist Angus Stickler sheds some light on:

    “The most strikingcase is that the development of wind power stations on the Mediterranean island of Sicily, home of the notorious mafia clan Cosa Nostra.  A few weeks ago the Italian authorities seized the assets of the record sum of 1.5 billion euros. The police had uncovered an elaborate case of embezzlement and money laundering by an EU-funded project on renewable energy sources. A crime boss who recently defected described it as ‘easy pennies’ or ‘comfortable money’.”

  • CFACT video links climate conferences in Berlin & Cancun. Dr. Spencer joins from Alabama

    CFACT recently created a live video conference which linked our climate conference in Berlin to the UN conference in Cancun and Professor Roy Spencer in Huntsville, Alabama.  Lord Christopher Monckton and CFACT Executive Director Craig Rucker reported from Cancun.  Participants in the Berlin conference, which CFACT co-sponsored with EIKE and other groups, have since described […]

  • Global Yinyang: Lack of snow proves warming — as does prolific snow

    Snowfalls are now just a thing of the past CHARLES ONIANS (Couldn’t be The Onion?) Monday, 20 March 2000 Britain’s winter ends tomorrow with further indications of a striking environmental change: snow is starting to disappear from our lives. Sledges, snowmen, snowballs and the excitement of waking to find that the stuff has settled outside […]