Target: Monckton

Have you noticed the kicking around that CFACT Advisor Lord Christopher Monckton's been getting lately? Add to the title “Viscount of Brenchley,” “whipping boy du jour.” Seldom a recent day goes by without some new name calling or conspiracy theory attacking Lord Monckton echoing through the left-wing blogosphere. Why is Chris Monckton the victim of a global warming attack campaign? Effectiveness.

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Justice through affordable energy for Wisconsin

Paul Driessen recently released a report entitled Justice through Affordable Energy for Wisconsin. In this thoroughly researched report, Driessen analyzes why affordable energy is crucial to promoting justice and advancing civil rights. Driessen argues: "Energy is the Master Resource – the foundation for everything we eat, make, ship and do. With abundant, reliable, affordable energy, almost anything is possible, and we can improve, enrich and safeguard countless lives. Without it, jobs, living standards, basic rights and modern civilization are imperiled."

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What’s the cost if Congress fails?

Commisioner Hedegaard posed this question:  "While some argue that the U.S. cannot afford climate and energy legislation, my question is: Can the U.S. afford not to have ambitious legislation that paves the way for a more energy-efficient future? We all know that we are in for a future where energy and resources will be still more expensive, and the companies and nations that are the most energy-efficient will prosper the most." CFACT Executive Director, Craig Rucker responded to her question. Commissioner Hedegaard's Denmark may have surrounded itself with wind turbines, but could not afford such feel good luxuries if it were [...]

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Climate summit hangover

By Edgar Gärtner There were no significant steps taken toward a new global waming treaty at the April meeting in the Bonn Maritim Hotel of two ad hoc working. The official purpose of the conference was for the industrialized nations to negotiate additional obligations on the carbon dioxide reductions and their long-term co-operation with poorer countries. Two thousand delegates met in the conference centre's elegant halls. NGOs demonstrated on a pile of broken glass in the hotel's driveway as their way admonish conference participants over their recent fiasco in Copenhagen and to try launch a new run towards a Kyoto type [...]

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Driessen debunks climate hype

"Reports of global warming disasters are ..... bogus" according to Paul Driessen who spoke at the Midwest Defending the Dream Summit.  Paul is a policy analyst for CFACT and the author of the book "Eco-Imperialism".  He spoke on a global warming panel alongside Lord Christopher Monckton, Congressman Sensenbrenner (WI), State Representative Jim Ott (WI), and Niger Innis. Paul's talk focused on the science of global warming. "Climate change is real...of course it's real, it's been going on since the dawn of time!" was the message Paul brought to the conference attendees.  With wit and humor, mixed with plenty of facts, Paul [...]

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Lord Christopher Monckton questions IPPC chairman

CFACT delegate and former Margaret Thatcher advisor Lord Christopher Monckton attended a speech by Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) chairman Dr. Rajendra Pachauri to ask the chairman several difficult questions. executive editor Marc Morano also asked difficult questions. When Lord Monckton's questions about a conflict of interest between Dr. Pachauri's financial interest and position on the IPCC were not adequately answered he stood up and demanded an adequate response Dr. Pachauri appeared totally unprepared to appropriately answer the questions and ran out of the building immediately after the Q&A session closed without talking to anybody.

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CFACT’s Morano debates UN climate treaty on Britain’s Sky News

On British TV channel Sky News, executive editor Marc Morano debated an environmental scientist who wants the developing world to better manage its use of resources to curtail its emissions at the expense of further development.  The professor also overstated the number of scientists who support the dire predictions of the UN IPCC.  Morano made the following comments about his debate on   A contentious live global warming debate took place in Copenhagen on UK's Sky News TV on December 12 between ProfessorMark Maslin of the University College London and Climate Depot's Executive Editor Marc Morano. During the debate, Professor Maslin erroneously [...]

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Hon. Steve Stockman addresses CFACT conference during the UN convention in Copenhagen

Congressman Steve Stockman addressed the Copenhagen Climate Challenge Conference co-sponsored by CFACT and the Climate-Sense Coalition on December 8-9.  His humorous, yet hard hitting style helped him attract the attention of the NY Times, where he was pictured on the front page of the Environment section.  You can also view video of Stockman's remarks and many other exclusive videos on

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CFACT sponsors climate science conference: The debate is not over

COPENHAGEN, Denmark - A large group of UN delegates and journalists attended the Copenhagen Climate Challenge Conference at a famous historical building in downtown Copenhagen.  CFACT Executive Director Craig Rucker chaired the conference, which brought together accomplished scientists and policy experts to present scientific evidence that suggests the debate over the human influence on the climate is not settled.  From the beginning, the two day conference exceeded expectations and the mood was very upbeat.  The crowd was so large it flowed out the door and into the hallway.  Attendees heard world renowned climate scientist and Science & Environmental Policy Project President [...]

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The Battle against “Cap & Trade“ has still not been won. But there are new Allies

While in the US Senate the disclosed confidential e-mails and documents on the web, regardless of how it occurred, is expected to pull the plug on “cap and trade” legislation, EU governments continue to walk straight ahead, although the expression “Climategate” is meanwhile even known on Wikipedia . The new German environment minister Norbert Röttgen still shows confidence that the Copenhagen Summit will find a binding agreement on CO2 emission caps and thus open the way for world wide CO2 rationing by emissions trading. He seems not at all impressed by American climate scientist Manuel Zorita’s open letter  published on the website [...]

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Al Gore: Junk science huckster

House Global Warming Subcommittee Chairman Ed Markey (D-MA) was outraged that a renegade freelance lobbyist had sent a dozen phony letters to members of Congress, urging them to vote against cap-and-trade legislation. Congress will not tolerate “forgery and identity theft” in attempting to influence the passage of legislation, members solemnly intoned. The letters misled Congress and imperiled its integrity and deliberative process. Few Americans would disagree. But after their usual pontificating, the Democrats once again proved that, if they didn’t have double standards, they would have no standards. Mr. Markey and his big-D colleagues excoriated the guilty parties they had summoned [...]

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Affordable Energy: the foundation of economic justice

  We have come together today united by a common goal: preserving jobs, families and communities … seeking improved opportunities, living standards and quality of life … revitalizing blighted neighborhoods, like those along Route 64 and in North St. Louis … bringing health and prosperity to Earth’s most impoverished nations … and pursuing social, economic and environmental justice – for workers and poor families … of every creed and color … across this great land and in faraway nations. But what do we mean by “justice”? How do we define this important humanitarian concept? What do we include in this definition [...]

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Do Al Gore’s investments grow with the global warming myth?

Former Vice President Al Gore has been one of the most prominent and staunch advocates for global-warming based public policy, but is his motivation purely altruistic?  Perhaps not, according to the New York Times, who reported that Silver Spring Networks, a company that Mr. Gore’s venture capital firm had heavily invested, is due to receive up to $560 million of the $3.4 billion given by the government via smart grid grants.  Mr. Gore and his investment firm are set to compound their investments, due in no small part to the global warming alarmism that Mr. Gore has been espousing. While Mr. [...]

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