• UN trapped in climate turmoil

    The man-made warming activists at the UN are trapped in turmoil over how to deal with the earth’s lack of warming since 1998. A couple of weeks ago, the UN climate panel circulated a draft statement that would have admitted we’re unlikely to have any further earth-warming for the next 30 years “because climate change […]

  • The science and global politics of climate change

    Click here to download the full report in PDF format Lord Christopher Monckton’s Special Report on “global warming” gives pragmatic, factual insight into climate science, economics and policy, and offers sensible, straightforward, affordable answers to the key questions now before the international community. The world faces many real environmental problems. In any view, however, “global […]

  • Environmentalism as a surrogate religion

    By Thomas Sheahan, Ph. D. As we reflect on Earth Day 2011 (April 22) and on passionate appeals that we support environmental initiatives almost too numerous to count, we should also reflect on a fundamental new reality. Environmentalism has replaced religion for many of its adherents. The ending “-ism” denotes a way of thinking, perceiving […]

  • I have a dream for a prosperous Uganda

    By Cyril Boynes I am of a Christian background. However, one of my favorite people was Jewish, and another is Muslim. The Jewish man was business professor and author Julian Simon. He taught that people are the world’s most valuable resource, and the “ultimate resource” is our creative intellect. The Muslim is Bangladeshi banker and […]

  • ‘Cool it’ with all the research dollars

    By Paul Driessen & Robert Carter Article originally published in The Washington Times. ——————————– Bjorn Lomborg is avidly courting publicity for his new film, “Cool It.” He correctly observes that public discussion about global warming is largely between two entrenched camps of opinion. He’s also right about our needing a “Plan B” climate policy that […]

  • Black Crosses and black deaths

    By Bishop Harry Jackson, Jr. and Niger Innis Are these people crazy? Are they so disconnected from reality that they don’t understand how vital coal is to jobs, living standards, civil rights progress and life itself? How else can anyone react to a new environmentalist campaign to erect black crosses at coal mines and coal-fired […]

  • ‘Reconstructing’ climate change

    By Andrew McKillop Through the whole year of 2009, building up to the failed Copenhagen “climate summit”, climate change was heavily promoted by a small but powerful group of Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) political leaders and their corporate, press and media elites as a major challenge to the planet and to our […]

  • Prepare for an ice age!

    Churchville, VA—The death toll from recent “extreme weather events” has been sharply declining since the 1920s, as my valued colleague Indur Goklany has valorously pointed out. Air conditioning, flood control, earthquake proofing and better weather forecasting have all helped. Despite vast media coverage, extreme weather now causes only a half-percent of global deaths. A large […]

  • The global warming fleecing of the American taxpayer

    As the BP oil spill slips off the front pages, replaced by daily reports of Lindsey Lohan’s release from jail; as Chelsea Clinton’s marriage is no longer news; as the war in Afghanistan loses traction with the public; and as Barack Obama pauses to review his declining approval rates, it is time once again to ask, whatever happened to global warming? Here’s an update. On the basis of legitimate—not government funded—science: it is as dead as Marley’s ghost.

  • Target: Monckton

    Have you noticed the kicking around that CFACT Advisor Lord Christopher Monckton’s been getting lately? Add to the title “Viscount of Brenchley,” “whipping boy du jour.” Seldom a recent day goes by without some new name calling or conspiracy theory attacking Lord Monckton echoing through the left-wing blogosphere. Why is Chris Monckton the victim of a global warming attack campaign? Effectiveness.

  • Mrs. Madoff exonerates Michael Mann

    Pennsylvania State University recently released a report summarizing its final “investigation” into whether one of its employees had committed scientific misconduct. The report exonerated Dr. Michael Mann of all charges, although he did receive a tap on the wrist – for sharing unpublished manuscripts with third parties without first getting the authors’ permission! The result […]

  • Justice through affordable energy for Wisconsin

    Paul Driessen recently released a report entitled Justice through Affordable Energy for Wisconsin. In this thoroughly researched report, Driessen analyzes why affordable energy is crucial to promoting justice and advancing civil rights. Driessen argues: “Energy is the Master Resource – the foundation for everything we eat, make, ship and do. With abundant, reliable, affordable energy, almost anything is possible, and we can improve, enrich and safeguard countless lives. Without it, jobs, living standards, basic rights and modern civilization are imperiled.”

  • Crusading for poverty, disease, and death

    In this presentation to Doctors for Disaster Preparedness, Paul Driessen discusses the ongoing tragedy in the developing world and how it is being perpetuated by the environmental policies of the developed world. Access to reliable electricity spurs economic activity and raises communities out of poverty. To deny developing countries this energy is a policy of […]

  • Capitalizing on the latest crisis

    By Bishop Harry Jackson, Jr., Niger Innis and Reverend Samuel Rodriquez Business and capitalism are dirty words in many White House and progressive circles, except in two ways. Business is good when it can be co-opted and manipulated by government to advance “progressive” energy, social or economic agendas. And capitalism is a virtue in the […]

  • Oil addiction lies

    By Alan Caruba The biggest lie being told to Americans these days is that we are “addicted” to oil and that we must convert our economy and society away from its use. The first time I recall hearing this was during George W. Bush’s 2006 State of the Union Speech and, frankly, I was astounded […]