Record corn yields debunk newest climate scare

Global warming activists and their media allies have been pushing a narrative this week that global warming is producing a corn crisis, but record-high crop yields show the corn scare is just another example of fake news.

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Genius was behind Apollo’s lunar legacy

Five and one-half decades have now passed since a young President John F. Kennedy rallied a nation behind a bold challenge to send an American to the Moon and safely back before the end of that decade. We did this, and even better — putting four of our citizens on the lunar surface and returning them by 1969, plus delivered two more into lunar orbit who returned with them. Within three more years, eight others had walked on the Moon on successful round-trip voyages, along with four more orbital companions. An invitation to write an article about the Apollo legacy for [...]

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Climate Central is pure hype

Climate Central is a major operation, with a budget estimated at about $5 million a year and a listed staff of 36 people. As a non-profit it is funded lavishly by a combination of left-wing Foundations and Federal agencies, but science has left the building.

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