Rather to my surprise, I bumped into Mother Earth at the Heartland Climate Conference in Chicago (May 17th).  There she was, large as life, in her green gown with a wreath of ivy in her hair (when I first saw the green gown I feared she might be a Warmist saboteur who had slipped past Security, but my worries were unfounded).  And she was selling (or strictly speaking, giving out) Carbon Indulgences (that’s the white rectangle in the photograph).  Fascinated, I read the text:

“This indulgence serves as a remittance of all carbon sins.  You are forgiven for *** Flying in airplanes *** Driving in cars *** Using electrical kit *** Taking hot showers *** Exhaling CO2 *** making things in factories *** Growing food with tractors *** Eating meat *** Running aircon *** Attending international Conferences”.

So I feel much better about that.  Back in the day job, Mother Earth is Christina Wilson, the Upper Midwest Director of “Collegians for a Constructive Tomorrow”, part of an organisation called CFACT.The photograph is in front of their exhibition stand and you can see most of their logo.  They are a conservative organisation dedicated to a rational approach to science and the environment.  You can see the Mother Earth story at, under the headline “Expose Global Warming Hype – ALL PAIN, NO GAIN” (don’t you just wish that they could stop sitting on the fence and take a clear position?).

I get a great buzz from going to the States.  I love the plethora of conservative organisations and dedicated people taking the message forward.  Of course we have some great conservative organisations here in the UK – The TaxPayers Alliance, The Bruges Group, The Freedom Association – but we have some way to go to match the scale and profile of our friends and colleagues across the pond.

On the left of the picture you can see a corner of the Pajamas Media stand (  They’re great guys too, but that’s a whole ‘nother story.

You can download Mother Earth’s carbon indulgences and CFACT’s International Carbon Credits here, print them out and share them with those in need of carbon forgiveness.