RELEASE: CFACT billboard campaign proclaims 16 years w/o warming: Challenges Obama & Gore

Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow


CFACT billboard proclaims 16 years without warming:

Challenges Obama and Gore

(Washington, D.C.) CFACT unveiled its latest billboard campaign this week in its ongoing effort to educate the public about the global warming scare. The ad displays global temperature data from the U.K.’s Met Office which shows global warming to have plateaued in 1997 and remained stable for 16 years.

The campaign is targeted to the Washington, D.C. metro area and is placed to be viewed by commuters headed into D.C. from Virginia.

“President Obama didn’t make a peep about global warming throughout his campaign, but resurrected it minutes after declaring victory,” said CFACT Executive Director Craig Rucker. “Now, both Obama and Gore are attributing extreme weather events such as Hurricane Sandy to warming. By doing so they have ceded the scientific high ground to their critics and followed this issue down the slippery slope to pure propaganda.”

Global temperature data from both the Met Office and NOAA limit any global warming to three quarters of a degree Celsius, altogether. How much of that is attributable to man versus nature is highly debatable. In addition, there has been no significant warming for well over a decade and a half. Last week even Rachendra Pachauri, head of the UN’s IPCC, acknowledged that there has been no warming for what he said was seventeen years during a speech in Melbourne, Australia. Pachauri expressed his faith that warming would return, but CFACT remains skeptical.

“Weather is ever changing and often volatile,” Rucker said, “but the climate models that the UN has relied on to justify huge wastes of funds and devastating damage to a struggling world economy, don’t hold up when judged against real world observation. We can’t count on the establishment media to report fairly or comprehensively about global warming, so we placed this important information, that there has been no warming for 16 years, 80 feet wide and high in the sky where Washington politicians can’t miss it. It will give them something constructive to think about as they drink their coffee during their morning commute.”

CFACT, the Committee For a Constructive Tomorrow, is a U.S.-based NGO that addresses issues of environment and development around the globe. CFACT produces the widely read news and information service.

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  1. Misleading

    As someone who commutes and sees this sign every morning, I cringe at the tactics you used to mislead others by conveniently extrapolating data from 1997-2012. It seems that you failed to include all of the data from the PAST 200 YEARS that was provided by HADCRUT4. At least with the full picture you could question the validity of the global warming scare, seeing as the graph insinuates that there was formerly a global cooling period, but it seems like dishonesty got the best of you. Yes, the Earth is warming up and should it be a cause for concern? Maybe, according to me. Yes, according to 98% of scientists who have been researching this issue.

    • Dan_Alter

      98% citation please. I have followed the issue for over 30 years. I am a scientist and all I see is more and more scientists who do follow and say no warming, Your hypothesis is falsified. And above all, no one has ever sampled 100% of those who followed because there is no possible way for anyone to know who they were or are, is there!!!

    • allouchsit

      Interesting that you only want to include “the PAST 200 YEARS” worth of data and that some how this additional data constitutes “the full picture.” First, you do realize that the earth’s climate is older that 200 years, don’t you? Probably not. Second, why stop at 200 years? Why not look back over the last 2000 years, or 20,000 years or even 200, 000 years? Maybe not, because that would disprove your preconceived ideas. 2000 years ago, the earth was much warmer than it is now. And 20 million years ago it was even warmer than it was 2000 years ago. This idea that the earth has never before been as warm as it is now, or that the earth is actually “warming” is just garbage. For the last 50 million years the earth has been steadily cooling. THAT is the overall tread of earth’s global climate. Get a grip and learn some science.

  2. Gaia

    I agre with the rael scientists. I hope the UN hurr’ys up with sustainable development so all you idots will see the oil companies exposed.

    • Dr Sarah Gilbert

      Great English. Perhaps a small amount of education is necessary, then you might see that oil has nothing to do with it? In the UK, for example, the oil companies are making more profit than ever under the guise of “green” taxation.

  3. jameshrust

    Great idea. We need more signs spread around the country. The education of a nation on this issue is monumental.
    James H. Rust

  4. dougproctor

    But Hansen uses GISTemp, not HadCru4. Isn’t this misdirection?
    I know why you are using HadCru4 (it doesn’t have the Arctic infill of GISS), and so the flattening is more obvious. But all this does is give the warmists the excuse that you are not using the “best” data – which is what Hansen uses!
    Fighting fire with fire, perhaps, but it is not appropriate when we complain about others cherry-picking data.

    • Paul MacRae


      The GISS data is highly suspect due to James Hansen’s political investment in showing catastrophic global warming (to the point of calling coal rail cars “death trains” and urging illegal mass action against power plants). In his book Storms of My Grandchildren, Hansen predicts that the planet will be a 100°C desert wasteland by 2600–a contention that no other reputable climate scientist makes and that is, basically, insane.

      Further, GISS has been “adjusting” historical temperatures from the 1930s–which were, inconveniently, a bit hotter than today’s–to show less warming then, more warming now. See Steve Goddard’s site RealScience for a blink graphic showing the “adjustments”. The URL is

      In other words, GISS temperatures are politically and ideologically compromised, and the Hadley temperatures are more likely to be reliable (although not that much more, given the Met Office’s commitment to the catastrophic warming hypothesis, but a bit more).

      The two satellite based temperature monitoring agencies, RSS and UAH, both show very little warming over the past decade and a half. To see for yourself, check out

      • dougproctor

        Hi, Paul,

        Actually, I agree on the questionable status of the GISTemp data. The adjustments vs date, adjustments vs resultant anomaly graphs are unidirectional and startling. If there is ever a “sniff test” that says “beware!” it is the one you use when looking at those graphs.

        I also question Hansen’s treatment of the non-data fill Arctic (and the ozone hole “hole”, by the way”: same treatment, same result. Speculate that there is a self-serving algorithm as shown for Mann’s tree-ring measurements). But that doesn’t mean I agree that using the HadCru4 data has any relevance to Hansen’s position: it would be like saying American cars are not gas-guzzlers because here is a Toyota that is not.

        Hansen cherry-picks his data AND analytical techniques to give himself the benefit of all doubts or options that serve his purpose. It is systemic, not fraudulent or a conspiracy: it’s all in the assumptions. But what I am saying is that a warmist who doesn’t accept anything but GISTemp is not going to be impressed with an argument based on HadCru4.

        If a billboard shows GISTemp AND HadCru4, and said, “Hansen says the world is warming. The rest of the world says it’s not. What the hell is going on?” or something much more clever, it would be to the point: Hansen and Gore are spinning a tale to get at your wallets.

        Why? Good question. When we are on our bicycles, and they drive their SUVs by us to catch a plane for a climate meeting in a tropical paradise, maybe we should ask them.
        Doug Proctor

  5. cremaster

    As someone who doesn’t see this sign on every morning commute (despite living in the UK, home of the Met Office), it’s nice to see a bit of truth for a bleeding change. Good for you, CFACT.

  6. pete

    Please, please, please include a link of some kind to this speech and justify this because it’s awfully hard to make a point with an article that only paraphrases and declines and actual quote. Gotta love Lord Monkton but we have to get specifics otherwise we’re just reposting vaguearies that fuel the other side of the arguement.

    • pete

      there are a number of links that result in articles that show how the information was edited, misused and even distorted to change the messge, it’s destructive to be given only half of the information.

  7. jobine

    beside numbers, degrees and scientific observations, just looking at nature and the cycle of season is enough to say that there is something going on… the Inuit people of the arctic will probably agree at 98% that something is going on. There traditional way of living and moving across land is disturbed. Polar bears know for sure something is going on, pretty hard to hunt for them when there is no more ice…

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