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CFACT billboard proclaims 16 years without warming:

Challenges Obama and Gore

(Washington, D.C.) CFACT unveiled its latest billboard campaign this week in its ongoing effort to educate the public about the global warming scare. The ad displays global temperature data from the U.K.’s Met Office which shows global warming to have plateaued in 1997 and remained stable for 16 years.

The campaign is targeted to the Washington, D.C. metro area and is placed to be viewed by commuters headed into D.C. from Virginia.

“President Obama didn’t make a peep about global warming throughout his campaign, but resurrected it minutes after declaring victory,” said CFACT Executive Director Craig Rucker. “Now, both Obama and Gore are attributing extreme weather events such as Hurricane Sandy to warming. By doing so they have ceded the scientific high ground to their critics and followed this issue down the slippery slope to pure propaganda.”

Global temperature data from both the Met Office and NOAA limit any global warming to three quarters of a degree Celsius, altogether. How much of that is attributable to man versus nature is highly debatable. In addition, there has been no significant warming for well over a decade and a half. Last week even Rachendra Pachauri, head of the UN’s IPCC, acknowledged that there has been no warming for what he said was seventeen years during a speech in Melbourne, Australia. Pachauri expressed his faith that warming would return, but CFACT remains skeptical.

“Weather is ever changing and often volatile,” Rucker said, “but the climate models that the UN has relied on to justify huge wastes of funds and devastating damage to a struggling world economy, don’t hold up when judged against real world observation. We can’t count on the establishment media to report fairly or comprehensively about global warming, so we placed this important information, that there has been no warming for 16 years, 80 feet wide and high in the sky where Washington politicians can’t miss it. It will give them something constructive to think about as they drink their coffee during their morning commute.”

CFACT, the Committee For a Constructive Tomorrow, is a U.S.-based NGO that addresses issues of environment and development around the globe. CFACT produces the widely read news and information service.

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