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Thursday, November 7, 2013


Will Obama & Kerry go all in on a UN climate treaty?

CFACT delegation heads to COP19,

the UN Climate Summit in Warsaw

(Washington, D.C. – November, 7th, 2013) President Obama announced a huge new emphasis on global warming at Georgetown in June. Last week, while the EPA traveled the country pushing severe new restrictions on coal energy, Obama penned an executive order directing federal bureaucrats to dramatically expand his global warming agenda. Secretary of State John Kerry, who was a global warming early adopter, last week called it “a matter of urgency for life itself on the planet.”

Will climate provide Obama and Kerry with a chance to pivot from myriad stalled and embarrassing initiatives at home and abroad?

The most important UN climate conference of the year will take place in Warsaw, Poland from November 11th to the 22nd. The UN intends to use COP 19 to lay the basis for a full and binding climate treaty to be signed in Paris in 2015. CFACT is sending a large and active delegation and is the media’s best source for news and analysis providing balance to prevailing UN dogma on climate.

Obama joined Angela Merkel and others in urging the UN’s IPCC to censor its latest climate assessment,” said CFACT Executive Director Craig Rucker. “Candid reports that the Earth has not warmed since 1998 and that climate computer models dramatically over-project warming, which were in the draft just weeks ago, ended up on the cutting room floor. Instead IPCC raised its ‘confidence’ about warming to 95%. They placed public relations above the scientific method and ended up with a mockery.”

Headlining CFACT’s delegation will be Astronaut Walter Cunningham, whose Walt Cunningham ApolloApollo VII mission was the first to send Americans into space after Gus Grissom and the crew of Apollo I were lost in a tragic fire. Cunningham said, “it is clear that the science is not settled. Models have not succeeded in predicting the climate.” “America’s space pioneers are fed up with NASA placing global warming ideology above sound and impartial science,” Rucker added.

Marc Morano, editor-in-chief of CFACT’s award-winning Climate Depot news and information service will report news as it breaks from Warsaw.

CFACT will join with Poland’s Globalization Institute, Instytut Piotra Skargi, the European Institute for Climate and Energy and others to produce three climate forums for Polish citizens and policy makers.

The UN made a mistake when they chose Poland for COP 19,” Rucker said. “History has taught Poland some very hard lessons about being bullied by other nations. The Poles are not about to sacrifice their energy independence and long-deferred prosperity on the altar of global warming ideology.”

CFACT’s science and policy experts are available to all media. Contact CFACT to schedule an interview.

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