Can the media ignore both the global warming nature of the expedition that got itself trapped in Antarctic ice, and 2013’s massive growth of Antarctic ice as well?


UPDATE: U.S.C.G. ice breaker Polar Star, lying Sydney, Australia, to steam to the rescue. 

“The request for the Polar Star to assist the beset vessels was made by RCC Australia to the US Coast Guard on 3 January, 2014. The US Coast Guard officially accepted this request and released the Polar Star to RCC Australia for search and rescue tasking at 8.30am on 4 January, 2014.

The Polar Star will leave Sydney today after taking on supplies prior to its voyage to Antarctica.”

Read the Australian government media release on Polar Star


Sticking to the global warming ice narrative continues to become more difficult now that the Chinese ice breaker Xue Long (Snow Dragon), which used its helicopter to free the hapless global warming expedition, is itself trapped in ice.
Fifty-two members of climate change professor Chris Turney’s expedition used the Chinese helicopter to escape to the Australian ice breaker Aurora Australis after the Australian ship failed to penetrate the ten foot Antarctic trapped warming shipthick ice.  The Australian vessel is now steaming out of the area, leaving both the Chinese and original Russian crews stranded aboard their ice-bound ships.
The drama started Christmas Eve when the chartered Russian ship Akademik Shokalskiy radioed that it had become trapped in the ice and needed help.  Both the Chinese and Australian ice breakers tried to break through to the stranded ship, but the ice was too much.
Aurora Australis at first planned to assist the trapped Xue Long, but gave up and headed away.  Can it be that the negative publicity that would have resulted had the global warming expedition become trapped a second time outweighed concerns for their Chinese rescuers?
Now both the Russian and Chinese ships face uncertain prospects as the ice continues to grow around them.  Both ships report that they have adequate food and diesel aboard, but at some point they will have to be evacuated or resupplied if conditions fail to improve.
Most media outlets steadfastly refuse to budge from the narrative that Antarctic ice evidences global warming.  Their reports characterize Turney’s expedition as a “cruise” or “tourism.”  While “eco-tourist” does sum up many of Turney’s group, he justified and funded his expedition in the name of global warming.  Ignoring that irony is a media disservice.   Turney himself has bridled at the mischaracterization of his expedition, insisting to the left-wing Guardian newspaper that “this wasn’t a tourist trip, it was all about science.”
Antarctic ice 2013Worse than ignoring the global warming nature of the expedition, is ignoring 2013’s massive growth of Antarctic ice, along with the facts about Antarctica which are so inconvenient for the global warming ice narrative.
Global warming campaigners would like to say that 2013 temperatures showed that the Earth has warmed, but cannot.  The temperature of the Earth has refused to follow along with either global warming spin, or the climate computer models upon which the whole campaign depends.
The warming crowd has been forced to employ backup patter while they wait for warming to arrive.  It’s been a CFACT graph billboard 4 closelong wait.  The current push features extreme weather events and polar ice reports despite a lack of a scientific causal relationship between global warming and current weather.  Temperature data sets compiled by NASA, NOAA the Hadley Center and the Climatic Research Unit all show a long stretch of flat temperatures with very little warming before that.   A few year’s coming in at around 0.4 degrees above average provides no scientifically plausible causal explanation for anything which occurs in today’s weather, or polar ice.
90 climate temperature models v observatonsClimate computer models consistently call for warming which has not occurred since 1998.  Few of the models were actually created much before then.  The next talking point in the warming campaign will be to designate 2013 one of the “warmest” years ever.  This is a tactic to try and give the impression of warming in a world which for many years has not.
How long can the media continue to publish without investigation the press releases of warming pressure groups which claim global warming, when thermometer and satellite data show otherwise?
How long can will the media continue to defend warming pressure group’s North Pole ice narrative, when temperature data shows no valid causal relationship between global warming and ice?
How long can the global warming campaign continue to ignore all that South Pole ice?
Antarctic ice record 4

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