Fifty-two members of the global warming expedition which has been ice-bound off Antarctica since Christmas Eve have been airlifted to safety by a Chinese helicopter.

The Russian crew stayed aboard the trapped ship.

90 climate temperature models v observatonsThe holiday spectacle of feckless warmists on ice should prove a lasting image.  It distracted from the annual warming campaign of getting the media to label the year gone by “one of the warmest ever” to distract from the fact that the world has not warmed at all since the nineties.  “Warmest ever” depends on splitting hundredths of a degree as though they were significant.  The media never seems to get around to reporting that all the fuss is really over an occasional year about 0.45 degrees above average. Actual world temperatures have reflected nothing like the warming predicted by climate computer models for most of the time the models have existed.

Two cogent reflections:

“Professor Turney and his fellow evacuees must accept the embarrassing failure of their mission shows how uncertain the science of climate change really is. They cannot reasonably do otherwise.” — The Australian

“We have here a chance to appreciate the amazing technologies created by free people. For they allow us to laugh at the folly of our fellow humans, rather than having to mourn their passing.” — The Wall Street Journal

Antarctic climate expedition airlifted z

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