Climate Depot describes it as a “clitanic disaster,” but the global warming scientists and eco-tourists trapped in Antarctic ice held a sing-along to welcome the new year while awaiting rescue.

“Lots of snow and lots of ice,” they sing, “bloody great shame we are still stuck here… Ice cold, cha cha cha.  Boats at the stern and boats at the bow.  Up in the air the Chinese came, flew around once and left the game.  The French dropped by but couldn’t get near.  Bloody great shame we’re still stuck here.”

The 74 people aboard the ice-bound ship have two weeks food left, but report that alcohol is running short.

They are preparing to be air lifted out by a helicopter from the Chinese ice breaker Snow Dragon which can lift passengers with a hoist, or land nearby on the ice.  Passengers have been using shovels to create a makeshift landing pad.

More details here and here.

Online searches of media coverage of the ice-bound warming expedition reveal efforts by the warming compliant media to bury the lead, with little or no mention of Monty Python Black Knightthe nature of the expedition.  The irony of global warming researchers stuck in ice is so dramatic, however, that it seems unlikely that they will be able to contain the damage.

The Australian Daily Telegraph for instance writes that, “as he waited for a helicopter to winch him out, team leader Professor Chris Turney was clinging to credibility like the black knight in Monty Python.  ‘It’s so warm it’s actually raining!’ he tweeted yesterday.”

2013 was a year which rocked the credibility of the global warming campaign.  It will take a long time for the closing image of warmists on ice to fade.


Warmists trapped in antarctic ice



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