Will you take a moment to help the students of West Virginia?

On Wednesday, the West Virginia Board of Education will consider minor amendments to the state’s new science curriculum which would open consideration of global warming to natural as well as any human effect on the climate.

For instance, the revised standards would take a discussion topic about temperature “rise” during the 20th century and add the words “and fall.”  Anyone who looks at the data knows that there was a substantial drop in temperature preceding the later rise that doesn’t fit the climate narrative.  Those who follow the issue closely are aware that people who want to exaggerate global warming start from that period of below average cool.  More at the Daily Caller.

Students deserve to learn from all the facts and are smart enough to weigh alternative explanations.  This is the true essence of scientific learning.

The usual suspects, however, are up in arms.

Left-leaning blogs are on the attack against this commonsense curriculum.  Global warming pressure groups have mobilized their followers to deluge the Board with email comments in advance of the meeting.  They hope to intimidate the West Virginia School Board and send a chilling message to officials in every state.

Will you take just a moment to share your thoughts in an email to the Board?

It is important that the Board of Education know that the global warming campaigners they have been hearing from do not represent mainstream opinion in the U.S. or in West Virginia.

They need to know that the unbiased data show climate science to be anything but “settled” and that their students deserve the right to critically evaluate all of the available facts.

CFACT emailed the Board and you can read our short comment below.

Please email your comment about West Virginia’s climate curriculum today to the Boards’ secretary:  Virginia Harris.  

If global warming campaigners were genuinely confident in their position, they would welcome evaluation of the facts rather than constantly try to stifle it.

West Virginia must do its part to protect and foster the right of its students to question and learn from all of the available facts.

The Board owes every child an open-minded education free of indoctrination.


Tell the West Virginia School Board
that climate science is not settled!

Submit your comment to WV School Board Secretary

Virginia Harris [email protected]

Here’s what CFACT sent in:

Subject line:

Students deserve all the facts about climate


The Board of Education should adopt the extremely minor proposed changes to its climate curriculum to permit students to actively explore all the theories and facts pertaining to the many serious ongoing questions about the climate.

Over the last 18 years climate computer models have consistently projected a warmer world than scientific observations record. Global warming has not occurred as projected during the entire lifetime of today’s school children.

“Climate change” is a highly contentious and hotly debated matter. Scientific data shows nothing extreme about recent weather, sea level, fires, droughts, floods and many other climate-related phenomena, all of which are occurring within historic norms. Nonetheless, exaggerated claims of extreme weather are now routine.

Claims of an overwhelming scientific global warming consensus have been repeatedly and thoroughly debunked.

The discussion is far from over. The true mind of science remains open to new data and alternative explanations. Whether and how much of the approximately 1/2 degree C of warming which occurred in the latter half of the 20th century is due to human industry has not been conclusively established. Neither have any of the incredibly expensive “solutions” proposed to address any global warming been shown to be meaningfully effective or worth their tremendous cost.

The Board owes every child an open-minded education free of indoctrination.



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