(Photo – Stephen Orsillo) The record-shattering snow that has shut down Boston’s public transit system threatens to white out a global warming forum organized by Massachusetts Senate President Stanley Rosenberg (D, Amherst).

Rosenberg scheduled the forum for 1 PM Tuesday beneath the golden dome of the Massachusetts State House in Boston.

Rosenberg said the state has already seen how climate change is manifesting itself in the state with stronger storms, extreme temperatures, and a changing environment.’

Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker has declared a state of snow emergency and has shut down “non-essential” state services and buildings in four counties on Tuesday, including Suffolk County where the Boston global warming forum is scheduled to take place.

Inconveniently, Boston is in the midst of its snowiest winter in a century.  The city hit 73″ inches of snow on Monday placing this year on the top ten list for snowiest winters on record, surpassing the 72.9″ recorded during the winter of 1903-1904.

WCVB TV reports that, ‘Boston also set a record with the most snow in 30 days with 60.8 inches.’

The previous record was 58.8 inches that fell before, during and after the Blizzard of 1978. However, this time, that record was set in 17 days, not 30.’

No word yet on whether the “environmental activists, local health

Massachusetts Senate President Stanley Rosenberg

Massachusetts Senate President Stanley Rosenberg

officials and public planning experts” scheduled to meet with Rosenberg will manage to find private transportation and hold their global warming forum today, or whether the record snow and bitter cold will force it to be rescheduled.

The record snow burying Boston this winter remains within the bounds of natural weather variability.  It is weather, not climate, and neither proves, nor disproves the theory of global warming.

Such events are, however, terribly inconvenient for the global warming narrative.  In 2000 climate scientist David Viner of Britain’s Climatic Research Unit (CRU) famously proclaimed that snow was increasingly a thing of the past, saying “children just aren’t going to know what snow is.”  Fourteen years later Boston’s schoolchildren have run out of snow days.  Officials are considering cutting short their spring breaks to compensate.

Remember the next time team warming tries to hype a hot summer’s day, drought or flood as climate, rather than weather.

Did Senate President Rosenberg’s climate forum bring down the full frozen wrath of the “Al Gore effect” and shut down Boston?


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