Frightening children with doomsday scenarios is just plain wrong, but that is exactly what the environmental extremists are doing in public school classrooms. Children are being taught that carbon dioxide, that is emitted when fossil fuels are burned, causes climate change. Extremists ignore the fact that the uncontrollable sun, winds and ocean currents are the primary causes of climate change. They also ignore satellite data that the earth has not warmed since 1998.
Nonetheless, environmental extremists are using every means possible to convince children that unless wealthy countries transfer their wealth to third world nations, they are responsible for killing polar bears, ousting poor people from their homes, starving little children, and causing climate catastrophes that will ultimately destroy the earth.
At the ongoing United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change in Marrakech, Moroccan King Mohammed VI said, “[I]t has become necessary to unify education on environmental issues, and raise awareness about its defining role in preserving the future of mankind.” Environmental extremists take this to mean that every nation’s education system must frighten children about environmental extremism.
Ted Turner’s foundation is pushing this scary scenario through its children’s cartoon series, “Captain Planet,” that presents Gaia as the “spirit of the earth,” who grants powers to persons over fire, wind, water, heart and telepathy.
The Gates’ foundation is pushing the same reckless agenda of human-caused “climate change” through Obama’s radical left, one-size-fits-all curriculum called Common Core.
The environmental extremist agenda is frightening children into submission in hopes they will become useful to the underlying Marxist agenda to redistribute wealth from “rich” to “poor’ nations. The ruse is that if burning fossil fuels causes climate change, then Americans owe it to the “poor” nations to fund their infrastructure to adapt to severe weather. It is the watermelon Marxist agenda, green on the outside and red on the inside. 
We can hope that President-elect Donald Trump will get the federal government’s Common Core curriculum out of America’s classrooms. And that he will appoint representatives who will speak boldly for sound science at the UN.


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