Boris Johnson is the UK’s Prime Minister. The Euros are furious of course. Theresa May stalled as long as she could but history is now about to unfold, as they say.
My question is what will Johnson do on the Paris Accord? Will he “Clexit” as well?
I especially like this headline from the green side:
PM Boris Johnson likely means chaos for climate policy, but it may not all be bad news.
Britain’s multi-billion dollar renewable energy industry is ever hopeful and as President Trump has learned, you cannot just wave a wand and change government policy. Johnson’s position on climate change is unclear and may be as ambiguous as Trump’s, for political reasons.
As the Renew Economy article puts it: “Boris Johnson has been described as a clown, a racist, a liar and a bigot; but his ostentatious and humour has also allowed him to dodge criticism and win the hearts of conservative voters.”
This certainly sounds like the American left’s description of President Trump. This is just how they see us on the right, even though we are at least half of the American people. So now we have a President and a Prime Minister.
Johnson’s new environment minister Theresa Villers seems to be a fan of fracking, which the UK has great potential for. Johnson himself has expressed support for nuclear power. Coal maybe not so much, even though they have a lot and it made England a world power. We call it the industrial revolution.
In any case, at the risk of sounding historically crude, we now need to take Germany, where Merkel is weak and populism is growing. That Merkel’s defense minister is the new EU Commission President may not be as important as it sounds. Time will tell as these big wheels are definitely in spin.
The big UN meeting in September (which is nigh) where every big country is supposed to announce their increased CO2 reduction ambitions is looking iffier all the time. As I have said, 2020 could be the disaster year for climate change alarmism. Their own extreme event.
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