It is with good fortune that I had just re-read the 1949 dystopian novel “1984” by George Orwell, when I received a copy of the Democratic party’s climate action plan titled The Congressional Action Plan for a Clean Energy Economy and a Healthy, Resilient and Just America.

In the novel, the party in power (there was but one party) effectively forced the public to believe the equivalent of “what is right is actually wrong”. They taught three premises which became the nations slogans, War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery and Ignorance is Strength.

Absurd as you may think these slogans to be, they are no less absurd than the ideas presented in the Democrat’s climate plan which include:

  • Carbon Dioxide, though it is the breathe of life, is a pollutant
  • The burning of fossil fuels will destroy the planet and must be eliminated
  • Renewable energy such as wind and solar power can support our way of life
  • Wind and solar power will improve human health and save 62,000 premature deaths in the next 3 decades by eliminating carbon dioxide emissions
  • Wind turbines and solar farms will improve the economy by creating millions of jobs

To believe otherwise, among alarmists, is to be called a “denier” and warrant career destruction and being shunned by the public. It is equivalent to Orwell’s “thought crimes” described in his book “1984.”

There is no single goal of the Democrat’s plan that has any chance of being achieved which will allow some to breathe a sigh of relief. However, there is no question that if they gain the Whitehouse on November 3 the plan will be put into motion and serious economic damage will quickly be incurred.

Irrefutable physical facts relating to any attempt to shift our energy production from fossil fuels to wind and solar must quickly increase our energy costs. The reason is simple. Due to the recognized lack of consistent availability of wind and solar to produce energy for our community electric grids, they must be backed up with additional dependable fossil fuel power. This energy must be equal or greater than the energy that can be produced by wind or solar running on standby 100% of the time ready to be placed on the grid within seconds of the failure of the wind or sun to cooperate. Thus their plan will not only dramatically increase the costs of all electric utilities, but it will actually increase the volume of the very carbon dioxide emissions the democrat plan hopes to reduce.

They talk of batteries as the backup for wind and solar but such batteries are on no ones drawing boards save perhaps Elon Musk’s Teslas. A solar farm outside of Las Vegas plans to use 62,000 Tesla batteries at a cost $6000 each and no doubt they could take over for a few hours but certainly not a few days.

A good deal of the Democratic plan is aimed at public health. They are enforcing the idea that the impending warming of the earth will create physical and mental health problems which their plan will attempt to avert. In fact their plan itself creates alarm where there should be none and can have a real negative impact on human health brought on by unwarranted fear.

At the community level the plan wishes to establish disaster relief programs preparing for the effects of warming. It ignores in entirety that the Earth has not been warming for he past 20 years and that the increase in carbon dioxide in our atmosphere is barely more than a tenth of one percent.

The Democrats are taking alarmism through legislation to a new and unfortunate level for the nation as a whole. They control the Congress and if they gain the Whitehouse there is little doubt they will endeavor to implement this technically insane plan. Let’s hope they do not succeed.


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