“Listen to the science!” shouts the Left.

Are they ready to put their money where their mouths are?

No less a scientific expert than Greta Thunberg appeared at a House of Representatives committee hearing and used those very words.  Greta came wielding the latest report by the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).  Little did she know this very report debunks some of the Left’s favorite global warming talking points — such as those related to storm intensity, sea level rise and extreme weather.

CFACT senior policy analyst Jay Lehr lives to educate the public on science.  Jay holds a degree in geology from Princeton and a Ph.D. in groundwater hydrology from the University of Arizona.  He is an accomplished scientist.  Dr. Lehr has been posting a series of important science articles at CFACT.org, often partnering with Tom Harris and Terrigi Ciccone (who themselves are outstanding engineers). Their work is first rate and much needed.

In 2014, John Oliver devoted an entire episode of his HBO comedy series Last Week Tonight to climate change.  Oliver put up a clip of CFACT’s Marc Morano and then brought out Bill Nye the Science Guy.  Unfortunately he then had an actor play the role of Morano, instead of inviting Marc himself. Oliver then did something outrageous.  He had 96 extras in white lab coats flood the stage to illustrate the phony “96% consensus” trope team warming constantly puts out.  This is a straw man argument.  Their definition of “consensus,” namely that humans have an impact on climate, includes everyone at CFACT and Marc himself!   By the way, just why does Oliver think climate computer modelers would wear white coats?  To avoid getting toner on their clothing when they print out a simulation that runs too hot?

Dr. Lehr and his colleagues, on the other hand, are fearlessly laying out the hard science team warming wants to shout down.

Just this week he posted a pair of highly instructive articles to CFACT.org.  The first explains the greenhouse effect, and the second launches into a new series on weather.

CFACT’s challenge to the Left — We fearlessly “listen to the science.”

Will you?


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