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Christina Norman currently serves as Director of Development for the Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow. Christina graduated from the University of Minnesota Duluth in 2008 where she obtained her B.A. in Political Science. In college, Christina was the President of her CFACT Collegians chapter. Following college she worked for CFACT as a field director for our Collegians program and as a Development Officer. She graduated in 2010 from the Koch Associate Program. She currently resides in Pennsylvania with her husband and daughter.

The Cost of Energy Poverty

Sitting, listening to the ocean in Cancun, Mexico, one realizes how truly fortunate we are. As students, we are here, representing CFACT at the 2010 United Nations Climate Change Conference. It is a bit ironic then, that we are writing this in the sun, by the pool, at a Hotel, with the purpose of bringing light to the issue of Energy Poverty. The irony continues…here we sit in one of the touristy places in the country of Mexico, while less than 50 miles away are some of the very people we are talking about.  Even in Mexico, there are [...]

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The totems of our times- alternative energy in Bonn

CFACT is once again in Bonn, Germany at the UN climate conference.  We're focusing our attention on energy policy, asking the UN to rethink whether solar and wind power have what it takes to meet the world's needs.   Will future generations wonder why we built them?  Find out along with the UN delegates by clicking here.

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Carbon sins forgiven in Bonn

Download the pdf of the indulgence here. Carbon "sins" forgiven in Bonn CFACT's Mother Earth Sells Carbon Indulgences to UN Climate Delegates Bonn, Germany – Delegates to the UN climate talks in Bonn entered their plenary session today holding indulgences absolving them of their carbon sins.  Gaia the earth goddess, wearing her trademark green frock and crown of leaves welcomed the delegates and bestowed her indulgences. “Where are you from,” Gaia asked, “Indonesia?  How did you arrive at the conference today?”  “We flew in a plane,” the Indonesian delegate replied.  “That plane emitted carbon,” Gaia explained, “you didn't breathe on board [...]

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CFACT’s International Carbon Credits

Download the Carbon Credit Here Free Sample Carbon Credits at Bonn Climate Conference: Briefing from CFACT Advisor Lord Christopher Monckton Bonn, Germany – Delegates to the UN Climate Conference were smiling as they entered the plenary session today holding in their hands “100 International Carbon Credits.” The certificates bear a portrait of Nobel Prize Laureate and former Vice President Al Gore beside a portrait of the earth on fire. The credit states, “The bearer is entitled to enjoy guilt free: Eco-tourism, McMansions, private jets, world travel, fleets of cars, hot showers, machine-washed clothing, big-screen TVs and all the amenities you've come [...]

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Copenhagen Climate Wall

UN policies will hurt the developing world.  CFACT spoke up for the developing world in Copenhagen at the COP 15 Conference. Barun Mitra, Manuel de Araujo, and David Rothbard voice their thoughts on the climate change treaty in this video.

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Climate Sense Audio Clips

Below are two links to raw audio from Climate Sense Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark.  The conference was co-sponsored by CFACT. Nils Axelmorner_Audio_Copenhagen.wav can be accessed at Rucker_Audio_from_Copenhagen_Climate_Sense.wav can be accessed at

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