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Tom Harris is executive director of the Ottawa-based International Climate Science Coalition.

How Al Gore built the global warming fraud

By Dr. Jay Lehr and Tom Harris -- Almost single-handedly, climate change evangelist and multi-millionaire Al Gore launched the scare that has frightened and depressed generations of school children and pushed normally sensible politicians into drastic, expensive and ultimately futile actions to “save the planet” by stopping climate change.

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The “Global Climate Action Summit’s” destructive decarbonization tsunami

As Jerry Brown and Michael Bloomberg's San Francisco "summit" wears on, note how often you hear the word “carbon” – as in “carbon emissions,” “carbon footprint,” “carbon trading” and “decarbonization” – when the real topic is carbon dioxide. What will making energy less available and more expensive do to America?

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Will questioning climate change become illegal in Canada?

A climate pressure group wants a Canadian law enforcement agency to prosecute the International Climate Science Coalition and other U.S. and Canadian organizations for “misrepresenting the science” on climate change.

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