Brown fiddled while California burned

Historians have found no conclusive evidence that the Emperor Nero was playing his lyre during Rome's great fire. He wasn't even in the city. Future historians will have no problem documenting that Governor Brown and the Greens chose ideology over effective forest management, fire fighting and prevention.

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More misplaced environmentalist outrage

By Greg Walcher Greens are angry that Interior modified a last-minute Obama Administration rule on migratory birds they wanted to use to attack energy and ranching. The rule had been in effect for only 27 days.

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Endangered Species Act reform — About time

If you judge a public policy by its results, the ESA of 1973 is a flop. Over 2,000 species have been listed as endangered pursuant to the Act. How many have recovered? Around thirty. The ESA has, however, been incredibly effective at frustrating and delaying economic activity.

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