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Death by renewables

Existing wind turbine technology may provide intermittent electric power that, with huge subsidies, can be "competitive" in price with coal and oil - but the turbines chop up bald and golden eagles and other endangered bird species like Cuisinarts. Solar arrays can confuse migratory water birds, including the brown pelican, into thinking they are flying into a water body but instead have their feathers fried or their heads damaged. Meanwhile, Interior Secretary Sally Jewell has just authorized a 30-year take permit to protect wind farms from liability under the Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act. In a world where the President "pardons" the Thanksgiving turkey (though we doubt he eats tofurkey!), this is borderline schizophrenia.

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History falsifies climate alarmist sea level claims

Climate alarmists may be likened unto those who yell "fire" in a crowded theatre when there is no fire at all. Robert Endlich herein traces the history of sea level change from the Wisconsin Ice Age of 18,000 years ago through to Roman and medieval times and to the modern era. He remarks that sea level is unlikely to be affected in response to tax policies that make energy more expensive and economies less roi

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Subsidizing green energy is like supporting operator-assisted telephones with party lines

With domestic oil and natural gas production soaring thanks to fracking, the nation is taking a harder look at subsidies and mandates for so-called "Green" energy. EPA for the first time proposed to reduce the amount of ethanol that has to be added to gasoline. An Arizona state agency just added a $5.00 monthly fee for solar customers to help pay for use and maintenance of the state's power grid. And 52 House members have signed a letter calling for the end of the wind production tax credit just as the sixth 20,000-pound turbine blade broke off in Illinois and sent shrapnel 1,500 feet away from the turbine hub -- two to three times the legal setbacks for homes and highways.

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The fracking fight escalates

So a few cities in Colorado and far-left Oberlin, Ohio, have passed fracking bans -- but do they dare pass bans on the sale and use of gasoline made from fracked oil, or of natural gas recovered via this controversial process? Thank goodness existing law protects citizens of single towns from being hoodwinked by activists into at least some very bad policy decisions. Yeah, we once got people to sign a petition banning dihydrogen monoxide as a dangerous substance!

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The report of 2013 United States wildfires is “greatly exaggerated”

President Obama and the mainstream media are flat-out lying about wildfires in 2013. His brand-new executive order, Prearing the United States for the Impacts of Climate Change, addresses an increase in wildfires -- but the number of wildfires in the U.S. through November 1 is the lowest in a decade, down 20% from the 2012 totals, and less than half the number and half the acreage burned as in 2006. What else are they lying about?

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Mining policy designed to benefit our own: Mighty rare

With China controlling 85% of the world's production of rare earth elements, the rest of the world -- and in particular, the U.S. economy -- is beholden to China for its own natioanl security and the future of its high-tech economy. This could change with a determined effort to overcome environmentalist objections and reinvigorate U.S. production of many of these valuable minerals. But will enough politicians decide that jobs and security are more valuable than keeping minerals-bearing domestic lands "pristine"?

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The REAL costs of EPA’s laws and regulations

Far too often, the rules are based on speculative health and environmental claims, cherry-picked studies, dismissal of analyses that contradict agency assertions, and computer models that reflect unfounded assumptions and agenda-driven rule-making. They often impair our lives, livelihoods, liberties, living standards, life styles and life spans.

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SCOTUS review of EPA’s “Timing Rule” could deflate regulatory overreach

Presumably, the Supreme Court agreed to reconsider EPA's Timing Rule, which regulates stationary sources of greenhouse gases, because EPA then promulated its Tailoring Rule, under which by its own (quite possibly unlawful) authority EPA limited the Timing Rule's purview to large stationary sources and thus made greenhouse gases a different class of criteria pollutant than the ones initially regulated under the Clean Air Act. But what if the Court upholds the Timing Rule and strikes the Tailoring Rule? Would the nation stand for an EPA with an extra 230,000 soldiers in its army?

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The OPEC oil embargo after 40 years!

The 1973 OPEC oil embargo revealed a serious weakness in America's energy and national security, one that has plagued this nation ever since. But fracking, horizontal drilling, and energy diversification that includes natural gas for long-haul trucking and electric vehicles for short-haul, light duty work have turned things around.

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Life in a climate cataclysm box

Licking her chops at the possibilities, former EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson insisted her agency would need 240,000 new employees (at $100,000 a year and up!) just to administer new CO2 regulations -- tripling or even quadrupling EPA's current size. So of course "climate scientists" will lie, cheat, and deceive to hide the truth that the Earth is not warming -- the truth could kill their golden goose!

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Will cooling temperatures calm the European windstorm?

After Denmark (Europe's star wind energy performer), Germany boasts (sic!) the highest power costs in Europe -- Danes and Germans alike pay about 300% more than Americans for electric power that is increasingly unreliable. The Australians, who had charted a similar course, threw out their Green government. But what will Americans do?

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Fracking is “climate friendly, environmentally safe, and economically stimulating”

Environment America's Margie Alt has found a new "cause" to enrich her group's coffers: scaring the bejeesus out of Americans by claiming that fracking has a "damaging footprint." Alt's group, oddly enough, is at odds with kjey Obama Administation officials. And yet, this lemming-like movement is gaining ground!

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