New paper faults World Health Organization’s willful exaggeration

A new briefing paper by Dr. Indur Goklany examines the World Health Organization’s recent report on climate change and finds that its estimates of future mortality from global warming are grossly exaggerated. “Because of its willful exaggerations,” says Goklany, “the WHO study risks scaring people into taking ill-considered costly actions to limit greenhouse gases rather than focusing on higher priority global health issues such as hunger, malaria, and diarrhoeal diseases, which can be addressed at a fraction of the cost.”

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Congress’ job: “Reins” in the runaway EPA

Now that he no longer has to face the public, President Obama may soon unleash a torrent of radical executive orders with far-reaching consequences, but his regulatory bodies are advancing an all-out war on the U.S. oil and gas industry that can only be curtailed through Congressional action (at least for now). The chief problem is that the EPA's regulations constitute “s power without accountability — a useful formula politically but an abysmal one for policy-making." The REINS Act would end this shell game.”

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From the battlefield to the oilfield, it is all about employing veterans

A quarter million veterans a year reenter civilian life, and many are looking for jobs in perhaps the worst labor market since the Great Depression. The oil and gas industry, which has been growing rapidly with the advent of fracking, provides an opportunity for these veterans to find meaningful work.

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The oil price election connection

According to CFACT advisor Marita Noon, while the U.S. oil shale boom (the result of fracking) has dramatically increased domestic oil and gas production, the Middle East is still playing a significant role both in the current drop in oil prices and down the road. ISIS is selling oil at below-market prices to willing rogue customers, and Saudi Arabia has increased its own production, even as the price of oil falls below the amount needed to sustain the Saudi economy. The Saudis are hoping to push both American and Canadian oil prices down below the cost of extraction from both shale and tar sands in hopes of slowing down or even stopping expansion of North American exploration and production.

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Obama’s regional climate hubs take aim at farmers, ranchers, forest landowners

Do not for a moment believe that the U.S. Department of Agriculture is setting up these "Climate Hubs" to assist farmers, ranchers, and forest landowners, says CFAC Advisor Bonner Cohen. The goal is to force these hard-working Americans into compliance with federal mandates on climate change -- which will surely include new restrictions on their use of water, livestock feed, fertilizers, livestock management techniques, and who knows what all else that violate every principle of real land management ever established through the test of time. If they succeed in this, we should fear for our food supply.

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Let’s tax the climate alarm industry

Global warming as policy is enriching the few at the expense of the many -- and doing nothing to improve the environment or lower global temperatures. So CFACT advisor Dr. Larry Bell suggests we find a way to tax those who are profiting from this distortion of science.

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Central planners take aim at motorists in Washington, D.C.

$54 billion for new transportation schemes to make Washington, D.C., a more "sustainable" city means pushing out the automobile in favor of bike lanes, buses and railcars, and, yes, water taxis. And, yes, tolls on motor vehicles entering the city. First off, the plan suggests the city will be adding 200,000 jobs -- presumably mostly in the federal government or in the massive lobbying community that surrounds officialdom. That alone should be cause for the panic button.

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Can the U.S. fill the gap of potential oil losses from Iraq?

The new crisis in Iraq, which could soon sharply curtail shipments of Iraqi oil to Western nations, provides an excellent opportunity for President Obama to jumpstart a geat turnaround of the stagnant U.S. economy. To make up for lost Middle Eastern oil, the President could approve the Keystone XL pipeline, open more federal lands and offshore waters to oila nd gas drilling; and encourage other states to join the fracking parade. But that is not likely happen without additional pressure from the American people.

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Washington’s Northern Virginia suburbs grapple with “smart growth”

Voters in northern Virginia are thinking twice about spending unlimited sums for "smart growth" features like streetcars, "super stops" for buses, and even bicycle lanes -- especially bike lanes that "sharrow" lanes with automobiles. Talk about a revolution, when the people who make a living out of quite often wastefully spending other people's money balk at wastefully spending their own money.

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Obama Administration hides its use of bad science

Marita Noon excoriates the Obama Administration for its stonewalling on Freedom of Information Act requests -- and for its chutzpah in ignoring the law in using the Endangered Species Act (ESA) and Clean Air Act to restrict access to public and private lands for farming, ranching, and energy development, and reduce the availability of affordable electricity—making essential food and power costs ever-increasing. To stop this unlawful onslaught, Noon urges citizens to utilize the Information Quality Act

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Abengoa Solar combines taxpayer dollars and deceptive practices to succeed

With key players like former Energy Secretary Bill Richardson and former Vice President Al Gore on board, no wonder Spanish-based Abengoa Solar was able to garner $2.8 billion in federal loan guarantees plus a $818 million federal grant to help it compete with other energy suppliers. But recently, the firm has been under investigation for immigration and employment fraud, using outdated technology, and making dangerous design decisions. But will California bestow a major contract on this lawless firm on May 7? Stay tuned.

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New Virginia law protects farmers from meddling local officials

Thanks to a grassroots outcry against injustice, Virginia lawmakers passed a new law, signed by Gov. Terry McAuliffe, that protects family farmers from encroachment by local governments. Martha Boneta had been barred by her county government from selling produce, fined for hosting a birthday party, and threatened with the loss of her entire farm. Environmental groups and county governments provided the major opposition to the bill.

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The ever-shifting politics of climate change

Marita Noon notes that the Obama Administration, responding to Big Green billionaires, has stepped up his emphasis on climate policy just as Secretary of State John Kerry is calling climate change a "weapon of mass destruction." While Obama is spending a billion taxpayer dollars, Green billionaire Tom Steyer is throwing another $100 million into the 2014 elections to support candidates who will vote the alarmist line. Yet Noon sees this new power play by Democrats as an opportunity for the opposition to cash in on resentment of higher energy prices and higher prices for consumer goods due to higher energy prices.

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Mass destruction of science: John Kerry at work!

Dr. Battig argues that, to distract attention away from his failed Middle East policies, Secretary of State John Kerry has sought comfort in environmental extremism once again, damning anyone who dissents from the alarmist worldview and calling climate change a "weapon of mass destruction." The truth is that Kerry and his ilk are destroying the foundations of real science by perpetuating the myth that carbon dioxide -- the gas of life -- is a killer.

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Chilling facts about the global warming debate

Sure, the Earth has been warming for 200 years since the end of the little ice age. On the other hand, increasing carbon dioxide in the atmosphere must not be a major factor, given that the latest warmng tren lasted from about 19745 through 1998, while the small amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has continued to rise little by litt.e

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