Alternative energy can’t replace hydrocarbons

For the cost of drilling a single shale well which may average 10 barrels of oil per hour or its equivalent in natural gas over decades, one can build two 500-foot-high, 2-megawatt (MW) wind turbines which will produce a combined output averaging the energy equivalent of 0.7 barrels of oil per hour.

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Another state realized solar subsidies are too expensive

Michigan officials are changing the way solar panel owners are paid for the energy they put back into the grid, joining a growing chorus of states that are recognizing the expensive costs of subsiding solar energy.

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Unprincipled lack of precaution on wind turbines

The problem with regard to consistency get larger as we come to realize that whatever they support is permitted; whatever they oppose violates the Precautionary Principle. They support windmills; therefore there is no violation. They oppose fracking; therefore it violates the principle.... In the view of activists and regulators, regulations exist to delay, block or destroy things they oppose. The fact that regulatory actions may well cause prolonged energy deprivation, poverty, unemployment, disease, malnutrition or premature death is irrelevant to them.

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Federal regulators have bats in their belfries!

Bats are struck by blades traveling 100 to 200 mph at their tips or felled by “barotrauma,” sudden air pressure changes that explode their lungs, as explained in a 2008 Scientific American article “On a wing and low air: The surprising way wind turbines kill bats.”

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Cold kills more than heat & the Hockey Stick that wasn’t

Morano appeared on Canda's Sun TV to discuss why winter cold is killing many times more Britons than heat. He also addresses the stunning admission that a widely publicized study claiming unprecedented warming in the past 100 years was not "statistically robust"--another way of admitting that their conclusions are scientifically baseless.

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