Antarctic ice breakaway further overheats climate hysteria

Despite the hysteria created by the break-off of a sizable section (12%) of the West Antartica ice sheet,, the fact remains that overall Antarctic ice has been increasing in recent years. A newly discovered rift valley deep under the ice sheet, together with the presence of active subsurface volcanoes, may account for the massive iceberg, but glaciologist Dr. Kelly Brunt assserts that the potential effects of even an entire collapse would be "nothing to lose sleep over."

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Study attributes Antarctic glacier melt to volcanoes

What do you know? Turns out the reason that the West Antarctic ice sheet is melting a bit is that there is a volcano under it that is active. So global warming is not to blame -- which makes sense, given that the rest of the ice sheet in Antarctica is growing at a rapid pace. Of course, the warmists want us to ignore the rest of the story salivate on the icebergs breaking off from the Pine Island glacier (thanks to volcanic activity that they want to ignore).

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