Carbon Dioxide: The Gas of Life

In this special report, CFACT senior policy advisor Paul Driessen examines carbon dioxide and its many benefits. While global warming alarmists rail against it, carbon dioxide is actually the "gas of life," without which life on earth would perish.

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Tier 3 rules are unnecessary, costly

Tier 3 improvements would reduce monthly ozone levels by barely 0.5 part per billion (average levels) to 1.2 ppb (peak levels), ENVIRON International estimates, using EPA models. That’s equivalent to 5 to 12 cents out of $100 million! These reductions could not even have been measured by equipment existing a couple decades ago.

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Global warming bait-and-switch

Fred Schwindel's TV City ad promises 40'' flat screen televisions for $200. You rush to his store, to learn he's fresh out but has some 42'' models for $1000. That's bait-and-switch, and Fred could be prosecuted for consumer fraud. In the political arena, however, bait-and-switch is often rewarded, not punished especially in the case of global warming alarmism. Instead of fines or jail time, politicos get committee chairs, presidencies, speaking fees and Nobel Prizes. Scientists and bureaucrats receive paychecks, research grants and travel stipends for Bali. Activists get secretive government payments for public education campaigns. Companies get government contracts, subsidies and [...]

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Promoting anthropogenic global warming

David Evans, a CFACT advisor who served as a consultant to the Australian Greenhouse Office from 1999 to 2005. Kevin Rudd has failed to see through the vested interests that promote anthropogenic global warming (AGW), the theory that human emissions of carbon cause global warming. Though masquerading as "science based", the promoters of AGW have a medieval outlook and are in fact anti-science. Meanwhile carbon is innocent, and the political class is plunging ahead with making us poorer because they do not understand what science really is or what the real science is. The Renaissance began when the absolute authority of [...]

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Calm Sun, Cold Earth!

On February 7, Investors Business Daily had an editorial titled "The Sun Also Sets" in which it cited the views of Kenneth Tapping, a solar researcher and project director for Canada’s National Research Council. In essence, Tapping wants people to know that solar activity such as sunspots, i.e., magnetic storms, "has been disturbingly quiet." It’s useful to know that global temperatures and events closely reflect solar cycles. The lack of activity "could signal the beginning of what is known as the Maunder Minimum." While solar cycles tend to last about 11 years, the lack of normal or increased activity can trigger [...]

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What about the Poles?

"The relentless grip of the Arctic Ocean that defied man for centuries is melting away," warned Doug Struck in the Washington Post. "The sea ice reaches only half as far as it did 50 years ago. In the summer of 2006, it shrank to a record low. This summer, the ice pulled back even more, by an area nearly the size of Alaska." NASA's James Hansen keeps claiming that CO2 is "pushing the climate past its tipping point." British banks are sending "volunteers" to the Arctic to see for themselves the loss of sea ice, and to view the "endangered" polar [...]

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Diminishing the Nobel Peace Prize

In 1964, Martin Luther King won the Nobel Peace Prize for leading the non-violent crusade against racism and slavery-bettering not only America but the entire world. In 1971, Willi Brandt won the Peace Prize for leading Germany's peaceful reintegration back into the "world family of nations," healing the destruction caused by Kaiser Wilhelm and Adolph Hitler with two World Wars that caused at least 70 million deaths. In 1970, it went to my friend Norman Borlaug, the Green Revolution plant-breeder who: 1) saved 1 billion people from almost-immediate starvation, 2) prevented the plowdown of 16 million square miles of wildlands for [...]

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Video: Craig Rucker on Global Warming

Katie Fehlinger reports on a threatening letter sent to a global warming critic and a Senator Boxer visit to Greenland. In the interview, she talks to Craig Rucker of the environmental group CFACT.

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Global warming PR suffers blowback

In mid-June, a respected newsletter for the public relations profession, Jack O’Dwyer’s, reported on a speech given to a Canadian Public Relations Conference by Jim Hoggan, a Vancouver PR practitioner. Reportedly, global warming is the top public issue in Canada, even more than the economy and healthcare. I have been a public relations counselor since the mid-1970s. Like many in the profession, I came to it after having been a journalist. My advice to clients has always been to tell the truth. To the extent that people are more concerned about a speculative theory than they are about the real critical [...]

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The new math on global warming

The UN climate change panel told us in 2001 that human-emitted CO2 might drive the planet’s average temperature upward by 5.8 degrees C—a bigger average warming than the world has had in the past 100,000 years. The UN’s 2007 report scales the possible overheating back a bit, to a maximum of 4.5 degrees—still a very large warming. But wait! The environmental movement is now conceding that the earth has a natural, moderate climate cycle. Jon Coifman of the Natural Resources Defense Council said recently on the Hannity and Colmes TV show, “The earth has natural temperature and climate cycles. Nobody has [...]

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We’re doomed. What’s for dinner?

On Sunday, Jan 28, the front-page story in my daily newspaper was "A chilling conclusion on global warming." By Tuesday, the front page story was "Climate Study: Millions will go hungry and dry." Soon more revelations about a United Nations report on climate change, due in April, will be in the news, but let me tell you its conclusion. We're doomed. Now, you might ask yourself, why should we have any confidence in a report from an international institution that perpetrated the "Oil-for-Food" scandal? Or that stacked its Human Rights Commission with representatives of the most repressive nations? Or that initiated [...]

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The Construction of Dogmas in Climate Science

When you have eliminated the impossible,whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (1859-1930). Atmospheric CO2 is as important as oxygen for life on Earth. Without CO2, plant photosynthetic metabolism would not be possible, and the present life-forms on Earth would vanish. Over the last years, it has been a dogma to many that the apparent increase in atmospheric CO2 concentration is being caused primarily by anthropogenic burning of fossil carbon in the forms of petroleum, coal, and natural gas. This extra atmospheric CO2 is said to cause drastic global climatic change with a significant atmospheric temperature rise.  [...]

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Melting the facts about Greenland’s ice sheet

Humans now control Earth's climate, James Hansen of NASA told CBS' "60 Minutes" recently.  His evidence: the edges of the Greenland ice sheet are melting rapidly. Hansen says the speed of this melting proves that man-made greenhouse gases are responsible. Sorry, Dr. Hansen, but the melting edges of the Greenland ice sheet don't prove your point. Melting around the edges is exactly what the Vikings saw on Greenland 1000 years ago when they named the island—for its green coastal meadows. They moved in with their cattle, and thrived for 300 years, during what we now call the Medieval Warming.  The Vikings' [...]

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Revised data heats up Global Warming controversy

Is the debate now over for skeptics of global warming hysteria? Readers of USA Today may certainly have that impression. "Satellite and weather-balloon research released today removes a last bastion of scientific doubt about global warming, researchers say," reported USA Today on Aug.12. Certainly the USA Today report was partially correct – the researchers did, in fact, “say” [read “claim”] that “the last bastion of scientific doubt” had been removed. But claims and reality often don’t match up. Three papers published in the journal Science last week purport to debunk an important argument advanced by skeptics of the notion of catastrophic, [...]

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