Losses outweigh gains on electric cars

A battery package for a medium size electrical vehicle costs more than $13,000 – equivalent to the material cost of an entire gas-fueled compact car – and they can require 8 hours to recharge. Then there's the subsidies.

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Cars and consumer choice

There are many factors people employ when choosing a vehicle. Fuel efficiency is important. So are safety, range, passenger capacity, cargo capacity, weather handling, towing, style, comfort and the rest.

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Electric cars: Another failed Obama campaign promise

President Obama promised a million electric cars by the end of 2015, but got less than half that number, and many of those are being leased. Studies show that EVs, because they run on whatever is generating the local electricity, are often in effect more polluting than gasoline vehicles -- and a lot more expensive and less convenient. Without massive subsidies and arm twisting, there would likely be very little market at all for these overpriced, underperforming vehicles.

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The OPEC oil embargo after 40 years!

The 1973 OPEC oil embargo revealed a serious weakness in America's energy and national security, one that has plagued this nation ever since. But fracking, horizontal drilling, and energy diversification that includes natural gas for long-haul trucking and electric vehicles for short-haul, light duty work have turned things around.

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