Time to repeal America’s crude petroleum export ban

Paul Driessen lays out the case for ending the ban on overseas shipment of crude petroleum, and in the process notes how shipping crude and refined petroleum overseas would be a boon to the U.S. economy and might also prod European nations to rethink their own policies towards energy production.

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Defusing the explosive conversation on fracking

The myths about hydraulic fracturing (fracking) are myriad and cynical -- spread by haters of fossil fuels and by those who want to see the United States crippled as a result of shutting down the bulk of the traditional energy sector in favor of heavily subsidized "renewables" and forcing a massive shrinkage of living standards for most Americans (but not the elites). The truth is that fracking has evolved into a virtually benign operation that relies heavily on brackish water that is processed and often reused.

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Eco-imperialism joins vulture environmentalism

Gina McCarthy, President Obama’s choice to replace Lisa Jackson at the Environmental Protection Agency, has been chastised for having lied to Congress, in claiming that EPA did not use “dangerous manmade climate change” to justify new 54.5 mpg standards for cars and light trucks. She’s also been implicated in the agency’s practice of using fake emails to hide questionable dealings and activities.

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The new robber barons

The new robber barons are not content with only taxes and debt. They are using other people's hard-earned money to finance wind, solar, biofuel and other schemes that reward crony capitalist campaign contributors.while locking up centuries of vital energy resources.

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Time to laugh away the shale gas scare

Energy prices are high, economies are reeling and people need relief -- Along comes the shale gas revolution at just the right time. 'What's that,' asks the radicals? 'Plentiful, safe, affordable, domestically produced energy? Can't have that. If there are no valid reasons to say no to shale, we'll have to get creative.' The anti-energy propaganda machine is geared up and running at full speed.

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The next environmental battlegrounds

When American voters reelected President Obama, they also returned his EPA, Interior and Energy Departments, and wide-ranging agenda for “fundamentally transforming” our nation. This will mean not only cementing Obamacare, Dodd-Frank, higher taxes, and rampant spending. It will also bring more disputes over energy and environmental regulations, the vanguard of Mr. Obama’s determined campaign to eliminate hydrocarbons that power our economy and embrace more “green” energy. The conflict will be fought primarily on six battlegrounds.

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