U.S. energy, Ukraine, and Russia

Russia's seizure of the Crimean peninsula in the Black Sea only heightens that nation's energy grip over much of Europe -- thanks in large part to European foolishness over so-called renewable energy. The U.S. could step in with natural gas to supply the Europeans, but long ago the nation made it difficult to sell domestically produced crude oil overseas. Coupled with other current energy policy decisions, Europe's dependence on Russia for energy may grow as its freedom to act to protect its neighbors dissipates.

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The ignorance and hypocrisy behind oil export bans

U.S. oil and gas production was already declining when the 1973 Arab oil embargo sent oil and gasoline prices skyrocketing and created block-long lines at gas stations. Increased domestic production could have eased the supply and price crunch, but the 1969 Santa Barbara oil spill had resulted in congressional leasing and drilling moratoriums on federal offshore and onshore lands. Though it voted 50-49 to build the Alaska pipeline, Congress refused to allow more drilling. Instead, it legislated a 55-mph speed limit, mileage standards for vehicles, and a ban on exporting domestically produced crude oil. The speed limit was eventually lifted, but [...]

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America in lockdown

CFACT Senior Advisor Paul Driessen documents how the Obama Administration has put the lid on economic growth by locking down oil and gas and minerals production on federal lands and watyers, then imposing heavy burdens on existing and planned operations -- all the while promising jobs creation only through federal subaidies for so-called "clean" energy that in fact has its own downsides (dead eagles and other birds, the need for rare-earth minerals that must come from China since he has locked down U.S. deposits from production, etc.). Moreover, his EPA is on a mad mission to control nearly every aspect of American society. Things must change if the youth of America can rekindle real (rather than false) hope for their future.

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Dirty science in EPA’s war on coal!

When it comes to science policy, the EPA has one simple rule: Don't let the truth get in the way of our political intentions. Perhaps the primary example of this hostile attitude toward the American people is the new EPA proposal to demand that coal-fired power plants reduce harmless carbon dioxide emissions by at least 50% more than is currently technically feasible (and achieving that level is not necessarily commercially feasible). Moreover, the EPA and other federal agencies are also waging war on oil and gas drilling through a variety of mostly indirect methods.

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Obama’s war on U.S. energy

The U.S. is sitting on an estimated $119.4 TRILLION in oil resources and $8.6 TRILLION in natural gas resources just on federal lands -- but the Obama Administration would rather invest taxpayer dollars to shut down coal plants, find reasons to veto the Keystone Pipeline, burden Americans with higher energy bills from heavily subsidized wind and solar projects, and keep Americans unemployed.

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Defusing the explosive conversation on fracking

The myths about hydraulic fracturing (fracking) are myriad and cynical -- spread by haters of fossil fuels and by those who want to see the United States crippled as a result of shutting down the bulk of the traditional energy sector in favor of heavily subsidized "renewables" and forcing a massive shrinkage of living standards for most Americans (but not the elites). The truth is that fracking has evolved into a virtually benign operation that relies heavily on brackish water that is processed and often reused.

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The OPEC oil embargo after 40 years!

The 1973 OPEC oil embargo revealed a serious weakness in America's energy and national security, one that has plagued this nation ever since. But fracking, horizontal drilling, and energy diversification that includes natural gas for long-haul trucking and electric vehicles for short-haul, light duty work have turned things around.

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Will cooling temperatures calm the European windstorm?

After Denmark (Europe's star wind energy performer), Germany boasts (sic!) the highest power costs in Europe -- Danes and Germans alike pay about 300% more than Americans for electric power that is increasingly unreliable. The Australians, who had charted a similar course, threw out their Green government. But what will Americans do?

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Fracking is “climate friendly, environmentally safe, and economically stimulating”

Environment America's Margie Alt has found a new "cause" to enrich her group's coffers: scaring the bejeesus out of Americans by claiming that fracking has a "damaging footprint." Alt's group, oddly enough, is at odds with kjey Obama Administation officials. And yet, this lemming-like movement is gaining ground!

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Environmentalists, farmers scratch out prairie chicken plan

As Western states continue to develop their oil and gas resources, environmentalists are increasingly concerned about how such activity will impact prairie chickens. Fortunately, local farmers, industry officials, and environmentalists have been working together and are now pitching a free-market solution . . .

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DOE: Fossil fuels to dominate next 30 years

President Obama recently stated “We’ve got to look at the energy sources of the future.” And while he was specifically pointing to wind and solar power, it appears he’s overlooking what his own Department of Energy recently reported will dominate the next 30 years of energy production – namely fossil fuels.

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