Solving the PCB problem with cooperation instead of litigation

Ron Arnold details the story of how industry, environmentalists, and regulators are working together to overcome a paradoxical EPA rule that allows PCBs in products but bans the disposal of wastewater containing PCB residues. This story, sadly, is atypical of today's EPA, especially as it applies to energy and water issues.

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CFACT team revisits Valle Verde, Mexico

CFACT Director of Policy Research Duggan Flanakin recently lead a five-person team on a journey through Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula.   The first stop along the way was the City of Joy Foundation (Fundacion Ciudad de la Alegria) and the nearby impoverished village of Valle Verde, which lies on the outskirts of wealthy Cancun. In both locations the team met up with old friends and made new ones as they reported on the benefits of the laptop computers and solar panels that previous CFACT teams had brought to the area. CFACT photographer Sarah Cowles and volunteer Jason Lively visit with a technician [...]

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Don’t throw out that pizza crust!

If you live in San Francisco, you can now be fined up to $100 if you do not compost your food scraps! The city recently passed a new recycling and composting ordinance that requires separate trash cans for recyclables and compost. City officials promise that they will first leave many warning notes on the trash cans of repeat offenders and that there is a moratorium on fines until 2011. Recycling and composting is all well and good, but making it a crime to throw an apple core in the trash can instead of the compost can is absurd. Big Brother needs [...]

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Slow economy means slowdown for recycling

America’s economic slowdown is hurting all kinds of industries, but it is taking an especially hard toll on the favored Green business of recycling. According to Energy and Environment Daily, the demand for recycled materials has bottomed out, leading to a buildup of huge storage piles of unwanted stuff. In Massachusetts, a 2,000-ton pile of bottles, cans, newspapers, and other material has been stuck in a warehouse, with the cost of recycled paper going from $145/ton just a few years ago to $5/ton today. After working so hard to increase recycling, cities don’t want to discourage people from doing [...]

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