Let’s tax the climate alarm industry

Global warming as policy is enriching the few at the expense of the many -- and doing nothing to improve the environment or lower global temperatures. So CFACT advisor Dr. Larry Bell suggests we find a way to tax those who are profiting from this distortion of science.

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“Stop stalling on climate change” (before everyone catches onto the scam!)

Climate alarmists are trying to sucker, snooker, and stampede us into taking “immediate action” on job- and economy-strangling taxes and restrictions, before more people catch on to what’s really happening. This protection racket is one more example of passing a law, so that we can find out what’s in it. We simply cannot afford to let science continue being coopted to serve anti-hydrocarbon political agendas.

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UN takes concrete steps toward global tax

In Doha, Qatar late Saturday delegates attending the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change took concrete steps toward a new global treaty to address global warming that will transform the economic structure of the world with a new global tax. To be completed by 2015, the UN expects every nation to implement it by 2020, even though the globe has not warmed for the past 16 years.

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California cap-and-trade is a ‘moving’ proposition!

By Appeal-Democrat Editorial Marysville, California.  It's probably no coincidence that Gov. Jerry Brown recently launched a website to scare Californians into embracing his global-warming hype....  The state is about to launch a cap-and-trade scheme ... ostensibly to fight global warming.... If Brown were more honest, he would acknowledge that his intention isn't to curb global warming, which we and many scientists maintain is a highly disputable threat. If he were straightforward, Brown would explain to Californians that his cap-and-trade penalties on large industrial emitters of greenhouse gases are nothing but a disguised tax to raise billions to finance already overblown government operations. [...]

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