Time to laugh away the shale gas scare

Energy prices are high, economies are reeling and people need relief -- Along comes the shale gas revolution at just the right time. 'What's that,' asks the radicals? 'Plentiful, safe, affordable, domestically produced energy? Can't have that. If there are no valid reasons to say no to shale, we'll have to get creative.' The anti-energy propaganda machine is geared up and running at full speed.

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BBC abandoned balanced climate reporting after meeting with these 28 campaigners

In 2006 the BBC abandoned impartial reporting on climate after meeting with 28 "best scientific experts" who the BBC refused to identify. The internet revealed the names, who turned out to be mainly the usual climate campaigners with no one in the room to offer the opposing view. Double scandal for the BBC as four BBC officials, including General Director George Entwistle, who attended the 2006 meeting, have just been disciplined or resigned for false accusations against a Thatcher-era Tory leader.

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£1.2 million to not produce wind power

The Daily Telegraph Reports that a Norwegian wind company was paid £1.2 million to not produce electricity during a period of high winds. This was a hair shy of 10 times the artificially above market rate wind farms receive to make power. British ratepayers will fit the bill.

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London Olympics drops carbon offsets

When London submitted its bid to host the 2012 Olympic Games, it sweetened its offer with a promise "to purchase emission reduction credits and to invest directly in clean energy projects in the developing world to offset ... emissions." Harsh reality has sounded a wake up call for Londoners and the prospect of shipping millions of pounds overseas to finance projects with no connection to the Olympics (that will have no meaningful impact on our climate) no longer seems so sporting.

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Scottish wind subsidies slashed?

1,000 wind turbines gang agley 1,000 land-based wind turbines stand to be scrapped if government follows through and slashes millions of pounds in subsidies.  A report commissioned by ScottishPower concludes that reducing subsidies 25 percent will render the turbines a loss maker for investors instead of just rate and taxpayers. CFACT continues to conclude that alternative energy sources such as wind and solar should only be deployed when they can compete effectively with other sources of energy.  Locking in inefficient power generation and the subsidies and guarantees that goes with it will have a terrible long term impact on industry as [...]

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British aristocrats cash in on wind

Regressive redistribution as working people pay landed rich to despoil the British countryside The Telegraph reports that British nobles, including Dukes and a cousin of the Queen are cashing in on tax and ratepayer subsidies to erect wind farms on their country estates.  Each turbine can net a noble £20,000 a year or more. Prime Minister David Cameron's father-in-law is a baronet who is pulling in "as much as £350,000 a year from eight turbines on his estate at Bagmoor in Lincolnshire."  This may give Cameron's un-torylike policy surrender to radical green interests some perspective. For generations the UK could count [...]

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Britain in rebellion over high energy prices

Reuters reports that with half of major energy suppliers in the UK announcing double digit price increases for electricity and gas the British public has had enough. 75 percent now favor abandoning Britain's green agenda if it means higher prices.

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Green taxes v. green research v. productivity

UK green energy researchers seek exemption from green energy taxes The Guardian reports that "world-class research into future sources of green energy is under threat in Britain from an environmental tax designed to boost energy efficiency and drive down carbon emissions."  Researchers at the Culham Centre for Fusion Energy complained to The Guardian that, "considering our research is aimed at producing zero-carbon energy, it seems ironic and perverse to clobber us with an extra bill...  We have to use electricity to run the machine and there is no way of getting around that." We sympathize.  The power of taxation and control [...]

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