British Antarctic Survey trapped without power during record cold -55.4° C

If researchers lose power again they could freeze to death

Thirteen members of the British Antarctic Survey (BAS) were trapped and in danger of freezing to death when their base, Halley VI, lost power.  Power went down on July 30th and is now partially restored.  The BAS waited to report the incident until power came back up, however now reports that the incident was so serious that all science activities have been suspended and emergency contingency plans to abandon some of Halley’s eight modules and attempt to shelter in a remaining few have been prepared.

The incident is particularly serious, as the station is likely completely cut off from rescue for months.  The incident occurred during the height of the Antarctic winter while southern sea ice is at or near record highs (Marc Morano has details at Climate Depot).

One Survey member, Anthony Lister, managed to send a out a “tweet” when power came back up, reporting that the outage occurred while the station was experiencing record cold temperatures of -55.4° C (-67.72° F).  (h/t Rai news)

Halley VI Lister tweet

It is not possible to survive for long at the station without power, placing the 13 members of the expedition in danger of freezing to death, although they remain safe while they can keep the power running.

Halley VI in snow

Halley VI is located on the Brunt Ice Shelf on 150 meter thick ice, just off the coast of Antarctica. Temperature there never climbs above freezing and this time of year the sun never climbs above the horizon.

Halley VI became operational in 2012 and consists of eight modules supported by hydraulic legs on skis.   The skis are designed to permit the BAS to periodically reposition the station using bulldozers in the hopes of escaping the fate of past stations which were lost when they became buried under vast accumulations of ice and snow.  In the past the station was a major source of reporting on the Antarctic “ozone hole.”

The Halley VI power loss serves as a stark reminder of the incredibly harsh and dangerous cold conditions Antarctic researchers brave.  It also can’t help but remind us of Chris Turney’s ill-fated Antarctic expedition which became trapped in rapidly expanding sea ice last Antarctic ice traps climate researchers and ice breaker zDecember.  Drama ensued when both the ice breaker carrying the expedition and the ice breaker initially sent to rescue it both became trapped.  A third ice breaker was ultimately able to evacuate the passengers using a helicopter.

While the BAS researchers stationed at Halley VI have a higher degree of professionalism and are better prepared, their situation will be far more dire should they lose power again.  Halley VI is located beyond the likely ability of rescuers to reach it until this year’s particularly cold and harsh Antarctic winter subsides.

Let’s all send our hopes and prayers that the BAS team at Halley VI will be able to keep the power running and remain safe until conditions improve and they can be reached.

Halley VI location

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  1. its ice,it’s cold and always will be.research done,go home when go can pull ice cores forever but the planet will do it’s thing and no research will stop that.huge money waster.

  2. robertg222

    What the need is some warming. Quick if everybody in the world would just double their fossil fuel usage for a day we can warm the antarctic up from -67.72F to -67.719999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999F

  3. global warming IDIOTS

    Ah Yes global warming why do these IDIOTS worry hunker down in your hut smell each others farts

    • TedCrunch

      Just a guess but they probably have battery backup for their communications. It would be a foolish oversight if they didn’t.

      • Fool_Killer

        “It would be a foolish oversight if they didn’t.”

        Very true.

        But wouldn’t it be even more foolish not to report the outage as soon as possible, just in case something else went wrong? Batteries don’t hold a charge well as temperatures drop…

        • rps

          Reporting the problem would drain the batteries further – and to what end? Their focus was rightfully on restoring power generation, just as a pilot in an emergency should be focused on flying the plane – not reporting the situation to someone who is in no position to help.

          • Fool_Killer

            “the station is likely completely cut off from rescue”

            The key word being “likely”.

            It’s amazing the ways people have found to render aide in
            “impossible” situations. But whether help is possible or not, the one sure thing is that it WON’T be provided unless you let someone know that you need it (while you still can).

            And that assistance need not be “rescue”.

            As for your plane analogy… perhaps you have heard of the Apollo 13 mission? It is perhaps the best example (of many) where people in a bad situation have used radio communication to receive assistance that “saved” them. Would you argue that the crew of the Apollo 13 was too busy saving the craft to let ground control know that they had a problem? Restoring power to the BAS probably consisted of repairing some sort of generator. I daresay that having the person who designed that generator on the line might aid in such a task. I’m also not sure what critical constructive action you thought ALL thirteen people were taking that would preempt ONE of them from making a short radio call.

            I could go on about this, but at the risk of sounding sarcastic, I am going to close with a question. Given that they were trapped on the ice with primary power out and
            temperatures at 55.4° C (-67.72° F), what exactly would you have them save hypothetical backup comm power for? For when things get REALLY bad??

            • Shep Schultz

              RPS is the last guy I would want to be with in a remote, critical situation.
              Fishing crews often face this situation and much worse. The better the crew & skipper, the better the chance at survival.
              Having been both, let me say that as rough as they are, fishermen are more resourceful and better to have around in SHTF scenarios.

              • rps

                OK, I’m puzzled. My assertion was that your first obligation was to fix the problem – not to complain to someone else about it. Sounds like how your skipper and crew would act.

                • Shep Schultz

                  Believe me. It we lost power or steering in similar circumstances at least one of us would be announcing MAYDAY before we were rolled or swamped by a wave. The radio and seaphone would still be working if water had not penetrated the engine room and shorted the batteries. We would be reaching out any way we could. We could last for some time in survival suits, but we would surely die, survival suit or not, if we entered the water and no one knew our situation or position.
                  Once we had given our position and situation to the Coast Guard or other help, we might have every man working on the solution. Even then we would establish a period for regular check ins.
                  A problem in the engine room would not be helped by having 5 guys in each others way.
                  A severe icing problem probably would tie up every crewmember save the guy steering.

                  • rps

                    Key point: you could radio someone who could provide help (rescue efforts), and you could potentially survive till help arrived. An airline pilot is in contact with an air traffic controller, not the coast guard. Their situation is over in minutes, not hours (you DID see that storm approaching, didn’t you?). Their is simply no one on the other end who can help and their is no need for the distraction.

                    • Shep Schultz

                      No, the key point is that rescuers have information about your location and situation.
                      Whoever the pilot is in contact with will relay a message to the CG.
                      Whose situation is over in minutes? If it is the airliner, he still needs to communicate about his situation and location. People will come looking, even if his situation is over in minutes.
                      Someone on the other end can always send help.
                      I’ve heard about people with your frame of mind in survival schools. Instead of thinking about some way to signal potential rescuers, they just start walking. It is far better to communicate with rescuers.

                • Shep Schultz

                  This was the same hull type I spent most of my time working.

                  The likelihood of losing communications in sloppy conditions was a real possibility.

                  Better to announce your situation and position to the rest of the world when you can. If we lost power in bad weather, even if we knew the cause and that we could likely fix it, we would still advise other boats and if possible the Coast Guard of our situation, just in case.

            • rps

              After rereading the article, I don’t think the issue of deciding to ask for help was an option. The sentence in the middle: “One Survey member, Anthony Lister, managed to send a out a ‘tweet’ when power came back up,” suggests that they had no usable power. Remember, a battery backup is useless if you can’t connect to it. I haven’t heard further details, but their problem could have been power distribution (vs. power generation),

              Nut to get back to that plane/Apollo 13 analogy: It simply doesn’t work, because you ignore the “reporting the situation to someone who is in no position to help” [or not]:clause of my statement. Remember, you’re basically talking to air traffic controllers – not to engineers. If you’re minutes away from a crash, there is no one on the other end who could help you. And talking to them is the same distraction level as talking on a cell phone.

              In the case of Apollo, you had a full ground support team already in place. You actually had someone on the other end of the radio who could help – and who did. (The decision to cut off an oxygen line was made from the ground).

              In an airliner, the black boxes contain far more info than the pilot could possibly pass on – and their recovery rate is extremely high. Air France lost flight 447 (similar to the Malaysia Air incident) and didn’t recover the boxes for about two years – but were still able to reconstruct the entire incident. No radio calls were needed – in fact, the co-pilot (who was on the controls) didn’t even know WTF was going on.

      • SillyRabbit

        They were startled to learn that their solar backup panels wouldn’t work, because the sun doesn’t get above the horizon.

  4. Dunnyveg

    I’m sure this power outage was caused by global warming. After all, smart people understand that debt is wealth, diversity is strength, and cooler is warmer.

    • SOGWAP58

      Having wintered over, in McMurdo I think that can say get creative guys and keep that diesel running, Most people have no conception of the isolation of an Antarctic winter, you have what you have and no hope of running to the store for whatever. Am sure that the last thing they are thinking about is Global Warming. Hope and pray for their safety. We here in the US just might want to consider that 75% the coal fired power plants set to be shut down due to EPA, and Obama were running at capacity and the grid had less than 1% reserve. Might not get down to -60 but a prolonged cold snap could kill many thousands of people who were unaware of the risks unlike those wintering over.

      • Dunnyveg

        Even Americans can believe that weather is not the same as climate; it is not. Weather is short term patterns while climate describes weather in the long term.

          • Dunnyveg

            Nita, liberalism began by placing the individual above God and Church, called secular humanism. Then, under the guise of the Frankfurt School, liberalism placed the individual above their society and its morality, called cultural Marxism of political correctness. In its current, terminal stage, liberalism has placed the individual above reality itself, called postmodernism.

            This is why truth is scorned by liberals; truth is whatever serves their goal to Bring It All Down.

        • Russ

          yes. That’s why when a Hurricane pops up or it’s hot out somewhere the climate scammers all pant and tell us how it’s caused by global warming but when it’s unusually cold or there’s more ice in Anartic then usual it’s just weather and not climate. Right…. Got it. Thanks for clarifying that for all of us.

          • Dunnyveg

            The problem with postmodern liberalism is that it emphatically rejects truth and reality. There is even a name for this phenomenon, hyperreality. From Wikipedia:

            “In semiotics and postmodernism, hyperreality is an inability of consciousness to distinguish reality from a simulation of reality, especially in technologically advanced postmodern societies. Hyperreality is seen as a condition in which what is real and what is fiction are seamlessly blended together so that there is no clear distinction between where one ends and the other begins.[1]”

            If it sounds like insanity, it is. Insanity is the inability to distinguish between reality and fantasy. What is so pathetic is that for liberals insanity is self-inflicted. It is almost as if they are mocking those unfortunate enough to be born with this condition.

        • djs1138

          And the fact that our weather forecasters can’t get a daily or weekly forecast correct should tell anyone all they need to know about people suggesting they can predict climate to nth degrees of certainty…
          Ah the Chicken Little Cult full of mindless-minions…

          • Dunnyveg

            I agree fully. Global warming is the postmodern version of Chicken Little, except hysterical liberals aren’t subject to much ridicule outside of forums like this.

      • Dunnyveg

        Yes, in the 1940s Orwell famously observed of liberalism that freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength, and war is peace. Mine is simply the updated, postmodern version.

          • Dunnyveg

            Actually, in his younger days, Orwell was a communist until he became disillusioned with it and wrote Animal Farm. Orwell was a Fabian socialist, which is actually a type of liberal. Toward the end of his life, he became so disillusioned with liberalism that he wrote 1984 about what liberalism was becoming. And he was right.

            • BraveNewWhirled

              Wasn’t Orwell a British intelligence agent (“spy” is easier) who knew the long-range plan of Them What Pretend To Rule, and was simply telling the planet via fiction?

              • Dunnyveg

                I’m not sure about that. Orwell was very sympathetic to the Spanish communists during their civil war of the 1930s that resulted in Franco taking power, as he wrote about in “Homage to Catalonia”.

                I think overall that Orwell spent his life first being disillusioned with classical liberalism, then with communism, and then with Fabian socialism/liberalism, as described in 1984.

                As G.K. Chesterton observed of communism, they are right about what is wrong, but wrong about what is right. The problem with ALL leftist movements is they fail to recognize the importance of morality, or what is right. Liberalism in particular is narcissism, which essentially means we are ruled by the law of the jungle.

      • Dunnyveg

        Actually, Mideast conflict is a problem of a different sort. As is the case with rednecks and cowboys descended from Scots-Irish herding culture, Semitic peoples are also descended from herding cultures. Herding cultures are simply more macho, violent, and warlike than agricultural or urban cultures.

    • T. Matson

      ‘Global cooling imminent’: ‘Sharp cooling’ to hit in the next five years, says new solar theory

      German Geologist Dr. Sebastian Lüning: UN IPCC Models A Failure, ‘Have No Chance Of Success’…Sees Possible 0.2°C Of Cooling By 2020 – His charts show that solar activity correlates well with temperature, which Lüning calls “a surprisingly good match”. He then presents the various solar cycles that the sun undergoes, going into the works of Gerard Bond, who made temperature reconstructions using layers of ice-rafted material in the North Atlantic. Lüning calls the synchronicity between solar activity and temperature found by Bond “stunning”.

      U.S. sees ‘slight cooling trend’ since 2005 – NOAA shows ‘the pause’ in the U.S. surface temperature record over nearly a decade – U.S. cools from 2005 through 2014:

      New paper by Russian solar physicist by Habibullo Abdussamatov predicts another Little Ice Age within the next 30 years

      Meteorologist Joe Bastardi on declining global temps: ‘Has the admin, the EPA or anyone that can read a chart actually looked at what global temps are now doing?’

      Global Temperature Standstill May Last 30 Years, Climate Scientist Predicts: Prof. Anastasios Tsonis at the University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee,: ‘I would assume something like another 15 years of leveling off or cooling’

      New Research Paper Predicts 15 Years Of Cooling: 2012–2027 is predicted to fall slightly over the next decades, due to the recent weakening of the North Atlantic Oscillation

      New paper predicts temperature decrease by 2020 of up to 1C due to low solar activity for certain locations – Published in the Journal of Atmospheric and Solar-Terrestrial Physics

      New paper predicts solar activity will decline over 21st century to average Holocene levels – Published in Climate of the Past

      Earth’s All Time Record High Temp Set in 1913 — Earth’s All Time Record Low Set in 2010 & 2nd All Time Record Low Set in 2013 — ‘What would warmists say if the dates were reversed?’

      Climate Scientist Who Got It Right Predicts 20 More Years of Global Cooling – ‘For the next 20 years, I predict global cooling of about 3/10ths of a degree Fahrenheit, as opposed to the one-degree warming predicted by the IPCC,” said [Geologist Dr. Don Easterbrook, professor emeritus of geology at Western Washington University and author of 150 scientific journal articles and 10 books, including “Evidence Based Climate Science,” which was published in 2011.

      ‘The Climate Scientist Who Got It Right’: In 1996, CSU’s Dr. Bill Gray predicted weak cooling for the next 20-30 years’

      Major Danish Daily Newspaper Warns: ‘Globe May Be On Path To Little Ice Age…Much Colder Winters…Dramatic Consequences’! – Paper features Danish solar physicist Henrik Svensmark on the subject of the UN IPCC: ‘…many of the climate models used by IPCC and others overestimate the influence of CO2 and underestimate the influence of the sun. … The IPCC is very one-sided, so I don’t think there will be anything reasonable in the next report.’

      Geologist Dr. David Deming: ‘If the current cooling trend continues, the theory of global warming faces imminent extinction’ – Deming: ‘The mean global temperature has not risen in 17 years and has been slowly falling for approximately the past 10 years’ – ‘Falling temperatures are giving climate alarmists chills’

      Bundle Up! German scientists predict a century of global cooling – Two German scientists, Horst-Joachin Luedecke and Carl-Otto Weiss of the European Institute for Climate and Energy, say that “two naturally occurring climate cycles will combine to lower global temperatures during the next century.” They added, “by the year 2100, temperatures on this planet will plunge to levels seen at the end of the ‘Little Ice Age’ in 1870.” These researchers used historical data detailing temperatures as well as cave stalagmites to show a recurring 200-year solar cycle called the DeVries Cycle.

      CERN scientist Jasper Kirkby says another Maunder Minimum in solar activity could occur by 2015 – Jasper Kirkby, head of the CLOUD Experiment at CERN in Geneva notes in the video lecture below that if one extrapolates the current lull in solar activity, an extended period of no sunspots similar to the Maunder Minimum could occur by 2015. The Maunder Minimum was responsible for the Little Ice Age and lasted for 70 years.

      Sunspot Enigma: Will Inactive Sun Cause Global Cooling? ‘Earth’s response to low solar activity will overturn many of our assumptions about man’s influence on climate change. Cold not warmth might be our future’

      Better Get your Woollies! ‘No doubt about it. The Earth’s climate is cooling!’ — Essay by Environmental Chemist By Dr. Klaus L.E. Kaiser – ‘The question now is solely ‘when, not if’ the current interglacial period will come to a sudden end. Nature had an earlier attempt at it when, in the mid-1600’s, the world experienced a cold spell lasting some 60 years which is now commonly known as the medieval “Little Ice Age.” That period coincided with the “Maunder Minimum,” an unusual low number of sunspots through several sunspot cycles

      Sun’s bizarre activity may trigger another ice age, says Irish solar scientist – ‘Solar activity has been falling steadily since mid-1940s, a change that in the past triggered a 300-year-long mini ice age’

      Russian Academy of Sciences: Global warming over in Central Asia – Current Temps Not ‘Unique’; Cooler era ahead – Global warming is over in Central Asia, and a new cooler period is ahead, according to Russian Academy of Sciences scientist Andrei Daryin – ‘Whenever we look a thousand years back, it appears that the situation is not that unique. A temperature rise comparable with today’s parameters already happened 1,000 years ago,’ he said. In fact, climate change cycles correlate with solar activity, the expert continued.

      • Dunnyveg

        I must say I have doubts about what you post. The big problem with global warming theory is that since meteorologists can’t accurately predict weather more than a few days out, long-term theories tend to be proven wrong more often than not. The fact is that we can only understand what has happened, not what will happen.

    • LieburalShill

      It’s bloody mid-winter Antarctica. You could toss the Earth into the Sun and it would still be freezing.

      • Dunnyveg

        Yes, Antarctica is supposed to be cold just as my Texas is supposed to be very hot in the summer. Nothing has changed.

  5. asd

    No mention that the objective of Chris Turney’s expedition was to demonstrate the effects of global warming on the (supposed) shrinking ice cap???

    Chris Turney’s ill-fated Antarctic expedition
    Chris Turney’s ill-fated Antarctic expedition
    Chris Turney’s ill-fated Antarctic expedition

  6. Stelex

    Kinda like that Global Warming boat that went down a while back to prove the ice had shrunken and subsequently got stuck in the ice. I love how nature just keeps bitchslappin these fools and they still cling to the Global Warming Astrology.

    • jezeuskrishna

      astrology has more science behind it, the different seasons produce different people, temperature determines how much sperm a man produces, even the amount of light a person is exposed to effects reproduction.

  7. TruthTeller

    From the CNN article about the same story: “It’s Global Climate DISRUPTION. We never called it Global Warming. It was Climate Disruption from the start. You deniers always change things around to suit you.”
    Just kidding. CNN would never run a story about this.

    • TruthBeTold

      They started with the term Global Warming and that’s the term I use and that’s the term I hold them to.

      Don’t let them play their ‘slight-of-word’ obfuscation games.

      It’s Global Warming even when it’s cooling.

    • roosterCrow4

      I went onto CNN earlier today just to flame the proggies. I get a wide hair sometimes and just need to virtually punch them in the nose. They came unglued when I wrote this…

      Two Hurricanes and an earthquake.
      This is karma for faking a birth certificate.

    • maddyswatch

      They started with “global warming” and changed it when they could no longer take all the ridicule due to the “no show” of temperature rising. Then they started calling it “climate change” until the population pointed out that the climate made regular changes four times a year and there were more ha, ha, ha’s. THEN they chose the term “climate dysfunction”, the liars.

    • Finkin79 .

      Did you catch the NASA speech? They’ve decided to call the 17.5 year pause in global warming a “Global Warming Hiatus”…. Not “whoops we were totally wrong” or “omg our models suck” or “just $hutup and gimme more of your money”… “Global Warming Hiatus”. I can’t even call these people scientists anymore.

  8. TruthBeTold

    The BAS waited to report the incident until power came back up

    I hope the power was provided by non-carbon producing means.

    By the way, have they ever released any information detailing their carbon footprint for this expedition?

    • WarmistSoup

      I hope you aren’t referring to the methane from their bloated, rotting corpses. Because joking about something like that would just be wrong.

      • WarmistSoup

        Besides – they would just turn into PhD popsicles, and probably no methane would be created. So if they have to go, at least they will go green. Not that I approve of even talking about their possible demise, or how stupid they are for being there in the first place. I wouldn’t. And I certainly wouldn’t chuckle just a tiny bit, to myself, at the irony of it all.

        • WarmistSoup

          I mean, laughing at them for getting themselves frozen solid in record low temperatures, in a place they claim has been warming drastically for the last 20 years – that would be mean-spirited and in poor taste. So I would never make jokes about the rapper Ice Cube being part of the expedition, or anything like that.

  9. Not Chicken Little

    They have nothing at all to worry about – NASA assures us that the globe is warming at an unprecedented rate due to Man’s activities and all the warmists agree. So all they have to do down there is keep up with their activities, that are causing “global warming”…uh, “climate change”…uh, “climate disruption”…maybe their thermometers are just wrong and it’s really quite balmy?

    I hope they get out of this alive, but enough already with the mantra that Man is the cause of any bad weather, any extreme weather, anything out of the ordinary, everything except nice weather!

    • jezeuskrishna

      lol nasa also says that mars is getter warmer and so is vennus, mercury, jupiter, saturn, neptune, uranus and pluto.

      • jerrystroud

        Ah, but that big hot yellow thing in the sky has absolutely no affect on climate, only people using a lawn mower has the power to change the climate. Those Martians should stop using so much fossile fuel!!

  10. silia

    How stupid are these scientists, the bugallows should be on the ground and burried in snow to the roof line, the air temperature will never go bellow 0 C. Look at the Eskimos, they have survived even cooler temps than that without heating.
    Elevated housing is exposed to extreme cold from all sides, you can never worm it with heating.

    ° C
    ° C
    ° C

    • Dwan Parkyn

      The bases would end up buried in snow. The article explained why the huts were mounted on skis.

  11. disqus4u

    I bet they would really appreciate a coal fired furnace and 20 ton of coal about now, or they could try to make do with a windmill and a few solar panels.

    • Pat

      no sunshine?

      hmmmm we wondered why those solar panels had no output…looked at labels and thought it was because they were made in usa….lol

      • disqus4u

        If these “scientists” are stupid enough to believe in global warming, then they are too stupid to understand that solar panels do not work without light. Maybe they can get some to shine out of their rears.

  12. Jonathan Timmerman

    There is this pretty old technology: Its called fire. While certainly not a long term fix for a power failure, its a pretty cheap substitute to tide you over should death be knocking at your pod.

  13. Friedrich

    Climate Change is a Fact! It is always changing! I’ll bet they wish it would get warmer there…….

  14. Friedrich

    Are their enough of the opposite sex to go around and keep warm? OOPPPS! That was kinda inappropriate…… opposite sex is so much not PC!

  15. oldcrankyyankee

    One would think a bunch of scientists would have had a backup plan for losing power in Antarctica.Go figure.

  16. George

    I know it is not PC. And it is really mean spirited. And not nice…
    But I am going to do it anyway………..

  17. The Gay Pope

    So …if they die… more ” oh no the sky is falling ” reports?

    What…..what…….what uhhhh….what is the downside if they all die ?

    I like the idea of a house on skis though.Come in handy at Swiss ski resorts .

  18. debthater

    Man-made CO2 is a greenhouse gas which blocks out the sun and causes global cooling. – settled science, 1975.

  19. debthater

    If there’s anybody down there who ever claimed that global warming was settled science and that the deniers are nut cases who need to be silenced: I hope you freeze to death. Not the rest of you, just those.

  20. jukin

    The Eight Commandments of the Cult of AlGore

    When it is warmer than normal it is due AGW.
    When it is colder than normal it is due to AGW
    When it is the normal temperature it is due to AGW.

    When there is less ice at the poles than normal it is due AGW.
    When there is more ice at the poles than normal it is due to AGW
    When there is the normal amount of ice at the poles it is due to AGW.

    When it is warmer than normal it is due to AGW.
    When it is colder than normal it is due to weather.

    When there are more hurricanes than normal it is due AGW.
    When there are fewer hurricanes than normal it is due to AGW
    When there is the historical average of hurricanes it is due to AGW.

    When there are record warm temperatures at the poles it is due AGW
    When there are record cold temperatures at the poles it is due AGW
    When there are normal temperatures at the poles it is due AGW

    A direct correlation to the sun’s activity or lack thereof and the “pause” in temperatures is due to AGW.

    The science is settled no matter what.

    Shut up you ignorant f*cksticks and give me your money.

  21. TruthBeTold

    Let’s see. Last SUMMER a ship went there and got frozen in the ice. So someone decided it might be a good idea to travel there in the WINTER?

    These are the people telling us to believe them ’cause they’re so much smarter than us rubes.

  22. Jack Hennessy

    The McCarthyism in Climate Science
    It is sad to observe the increasingly poisoned climate in climate science. Last week, the renowned climate scientist and former director of the Max Planck Institute for Meteorology in Hamburg, Prof. Lennart Bengtsson, was forced to step down because of incessant threats. He had agreed to become an advisor to a non-alarmist climate think tank, the Global Warming Policy Foundation (GWPF) three weeks earlier. But he had to resign due to unbearable pressure from some of his “colleagues” in the climate science community. In his resignation letter, Bengtsson wrote

  23. Ricky, Bubbles & Julian

    We have. GOt to get this global warming under control. If we don’t we are all going to freeze to death

  24. jerrystroud

    Maybe if enough global warming scientist freeze to death in record cold temperatures, they may stop believing the antartic ice is going to melt away in the next few weeks.

  25. carl6352

    i thought both poles were melting away. while she tweeted record cold. how can this be the chicken littles were harping on the ice melting and the sea rising. i was counting on that, i live 50 miles inland would love to sea beach in my back yard in florida! lol

  26. stealthdan

    While I was in the military they taught us that cold kills. Heat is totally survivable if you have water. So no mechanism to control masses of people or their wealth with global cooling. MMGW is best so one can control energy and wealth distribution and consumption. For instance, Africa will never be allowed to expand fossil fuel based energy production to meet an industrialized level. The liberal progressives would like to control everyone’s energy consumption by making it unaffordable.

  27. merkinmuffy

    Now wait a minute! Shouldn’t the Antarctic be melting by now??? How are all those oceans supposed to rise if the Antarctic is not melting???

  28. Joe_E_in_the_IE

    Uh, care to comment, former vice president and (must . . . not . . . smirk) environmental activist Al Gore? Doesn’t the pla-yan-et have a fa-hee-ver?

    Yes, I see and, no, you can’t do that to me or the horse I rode in on. I don’t even own a horse.

  29. strgzer

    Really? Why the heck are they even there? Get real people there is only so much that people should be doing.

      • Winston Smith

        Coldest ever temperature =/= “global warming”

        “Global warming pause”? No, sounds more like a reversal.

          • RHO1953

            Yep, globally. Even NOAA is scrambling to make excuses for the lack of warming. The data doesn’t support it anymore. Lennart Bengtsson is the latest defector from the AGW camp. He was a stalwart in the movement and he has backed away because it just isn’t working out. The models don’t work, they have never worked, the only way to come up with any warming in the last two decades is by tinkering with the data from before that point, adjusting it downward to make it appear as if there is warming. We are having the coolest summer in decades in North America, and the fall looks scary. The Great Lakes are twenty degrees below normal temps and that will carry over into the fall and winter, and it will have profound impact on our winter. We are in a cold cycle that cannot be denied anymore.

  30. aberdeenvet

    It’s lies, all lies, told just to besmirch all those who’s life’s work promoting climate change is fully fact based and is the only true science. So, there.

  31. Bob Cat

    Is a wood burning stove and a couple cords of wood not very green or something? It seems to me that would be a very good backup plan but what do those that live in the midwest know.

  32. rnagel

    Let me guess, they have only one generator because they don’t use enough power to need two. so why would they want a second one. If they do have two they allowed the second one to freeze in the open and it was too cold to start.

  33. Obamabot's Tiny Brain

    Them freezing to death would be tragic ,but kinda of funny , ya know in a macabre sort of way

  34. Kind Bud

    13 members in this expedition, is that Chris and his 12 apostles of agw? I’m not looking forward to the crappy movie that will soon be made of their plight.

  35. TruthBeTold

    The went to the Antarctic IN THE WINTER?

    Did they believe Global Warming had turned it into a tropical rainforest?

      • Bob White

        lol. I suppose so. A dedicated hippie would probably rather freeze to death than disturb a polar bear. You are correct .

    • Catman2

      Normally yes. However, if there is a total white out, the winds clock in at 60 to 90 knots, and the sun doesn’t rise, human life would expire within minutes of a total power out. A flight would be delayed until conditions improved. Long story short; when someone attempts these dangerous operations have a will.

    • Truth

      Flying is quite difficult and dangerous over Antarctica in the winter…I wouldn’t risk my life to save these fools!

  36. Hyrdr

    If they must be there do it with enough fossil fuel to survive over time. Just saying if you want to survive do the smart reliable thing.


    Maybe to keep sculpting millenials as future DEM voters they can start a pro climate “awareness” program called global twerking. Go for it….it’s your earthday!

  38. bob

    Skackleton’s crew survived more than a year on the ice waiting for rescue after their ship was crushed and sank. It is completely irresponsible to have modern facilities that could put lives in jeopardy with a single point of failure.

  39. Ken Barber

    I went to the CNN website and found this: “British Antarctic Survey says an ice shelf is breaking off the Antarctic peninsula because of global warming”. Fair and balanced right ?

  40. Winston Smith

    “Lowest ever recorded temps.”

    Wait, what?!

    Did someone forget to tell the anthropogenic global warming fanatics?

  41. Kebas

    >>In the past the station was a major source of reporting on the Antarctic “ozone hole.”

    In a word: karma.

    • robertg222

      ozone hole. Wasn’t that the scam created by DuPont when the patient was about to expire on their product R-12 freon so the needed to create a new market for their new product R-132 freon by getting the old product banned.

      • paganpink

        That’s why they fought the idiots calling themselves “scientists” tooth and nail because ALL replacement gasses were less efficient and more expensive? Sure. Sure, it is.

  42. Snidely70448

    Global Warming begat Climate Change which begat Climate Catastrophe. Don’t you just hate it when Mother Nature doesn’t cooperate?

  43. tom thumb

    ok so a bunch of people are hanging out at the southpole looking at the ozone hole, for what? in hopes they might patch it? It something leaking into or out of this hole? is this some kind of a emergency? seems to me like a total waste of time and money even being there. so a real reason for being there like strategic defense as it once was used and maybe I could see some value.

  44. Capsaicin

    They must be in a vortex of cold. 100 miles to the north east the temps are -25f. Seems to me anyone willing to spend the winter in Antarctica reaps what they sow …for stupidly taking excessive risks.

  45. Rexx Vernon Shelton

    Maybe they should consider stocking in some propane heaters and a supply of propane for such contingency. You do not need power to use propane.

      • Rexx Vernon Shelton

        That would be easy to rig, just like a standby propane generator, let the heaters kick on after it sensed the loss of power. In fact that standby generator might also be a good idea, the propane/LNG be keep in a heated room.

  46. bkelehey

    You mean they did not break out their beach towels and get a sun tan? Oh my what will these global warming nuts do now? Ok that is a JOKE.. but seriously I am sure someone is now going to say they are having record cold because of global warming/climate change.

  47. Templar8

    Most of the earth will again be covered with ice. The cause is the wobble in the earth’s axis. I for one think freezing to death is far worse than having to turn up the AC a degree or two.

  48. ounceoflogic

    So they lost power then the power came back.
    Very in depth article provides little info but does at least mention the ozone hole so… mission accomplished.

    • amunderground

      Solar Panels, wait the sun doesn’t get above the horizon so wind would be better and would make the the greenies happy.

  49. NSA Snooper

    They put their left foot in, they put their left foot out, they put their left foot in and….

    IT FROOZE RIGHT OFF…. global alarmist pray for global warming…

  50. John

    Notice they gave a couple digs to the global warming crowd by pointing out the southern ice fields are at or about their highest level, and that this winter is particularly cold and harsh…..

  51. Quasimodo4

    Does Algore know about this? The global cooling deniers are getting desperate. The science is settled, the Earth has been cooling for 15 years.

  52. jnobfan

    I am an Emergency Power company owner. It is hard for me to imagine how this could happen unless somebody did something very stupid in the planning stage or somebody was messing with the electrical. I would have at least 3 separate systems in place for this facility plus some small emergency generators. Somebody screwed up

    • TruthBeTold

      ,,,somebody did something very stupid in the planning stage…

      Planning a trip to the Antarctic in the winter has count as stupid planning.

      These are the people who tell us to believe them because they’re so much more knowledgeable than us ignorant rubes.

  53. nadadhimmi

    Global Warming causes temps to fall all over Gaia, Uh, er, ah, to raise, no wait, it’s to fall, isn’t it? Oohh, Global Warming is so dangerous it cause temps to raise OR fall, depending on whatever brings in the most money from dumbass donors.

  54. wait for flash

    These brave heroes are risking their lives to protect us all from Climate Change…

    “Climate Change” is the term used after fake scientists are caught lying about “Global Warming!” Most folks call it “weather!”

  55. rdsouza

    If the EPA has its way (and I’ll bet the EPA will simply ignore data from its current hearings), US is looking at something like this in the very near future. With no fossil fuels permitted for winter heating when solar panes are covered with ice/snow and or rendered inefficient by heavy cloud cover it will be one cold winter season. Has the EPA factored productivity losses and impact on incomes in its calculations seeking to end use of fossil fuels? Time to vote out funding for the EPA by voting out the incumbents.

  56. Me here

    “The BAS waited to report the incident until power came back up. . .”
    Duh! How are they going to send out a message without power?

  57. boca_grande

    Global warming will resume as soon as these pesky record cold spells pass. Stop burning American Coal and burn Arab Oil. 17 trillion national debt. Wake up America!

  58. Dwayne Keith

    The earth cycles between being an ice cube and a water park…always has…always will. The jig is up on the conspiracy between discredited leftists co-opting a natural occurrence so as to attack industry and capitalism and scientists who’d be asking, “paper or plastic” were it not for the government grants for their “research.”

  59. TruthBeTold

    In the summer, a ship was stuck in the ice so someone thought it would be a good idea to travel to the Antarctic in the winter.

    These are the people who tell us they’re smarter than us.

  60. Eponymous1

    Hey, just because of record low temperatures all over the globe doesn’t mean the climate is getting colder! Weather is not CLIMATE, donchaknow?!

  61. Therealist

    We have seen previous expeditions survive the winter without power – when did we become such poor history students.

  62. Sam Snead

    Set another cold record in the south pole. I guess that’s just part of global warming. You know, it has to be very cold some place and very warm some place else. Gee, maybe that’s just the sun and angle of the earth causing the hot and cold each winter and summer cycle.

  63. Dewreck

    Seems to me a backup system is in order…..wouldn’t you think? Or perhaps merely a funding story, and this sort if thing happens all the time and it’s routine to get the system going again…who knows…thank god they are there to tell us it’s cold and dark..

  64. carlo varga

    The sky is falling. It is falling because we emit Co2. The Co2 causes the sky to fall, so we need to stop breathing now to keep the sky from falling in on us. That is all. We cause the heat and the cold. We are bad. We need to be controled by smart people who live in London and Washington D.C. They can save us if we only allow them to control all aspects of our lives. We are so stupid we need centralized control by the smart people. I know they are smart because they say so. Now if you can understand that, I am sure you can understand Global Warming, if not, you are a Denier.

  65. T S

    Imagine how cold it would be in Antarctica today if we hadn’t wisely used hairspray with chlorofluorocarbons back in the 70s. The hole in the ozone was helpful, it turns out. Maybe we should reconsider the ban.

  66. espy

    Global Warming, truly a perplexing foe. One which does the exact opposite of what it says it will do. To confuse its enemies. Genius?

  67. djs1138

    Put up your windmills and solar panels quick… you’re going to freeze to death from the AGW you’re studying…

  68. cleanwater2

    There are a lot of relevant comment below ,it time to repost the definition of “climate” and the statement that “there is no credible experiment that proves that the greenhouse gas effect exists”

    Definitions of Climate

    What is Climate?•
    Definition:A few hundred thousand weather days end to end for a specific location. ( an average pattern)

    How many climates are there in the world?

    Every part of the country and the world has a unique climate -the south of France,
    the North slope of Alaska, the heart of Africa, the northeast Great Lakes
    region of the US ,the north of Italy, the south of Italy,the west coast of
    Australia, the central region of Australia, the southern region etc., thousands of different climates etc.

    What is weather?

    The atmospheric conditions where you are.

    Can mankind control the weather?

    We have tried for thousands of years from the Indian rainmaker, to the cloud
    seeders of the 1950-60. Man can not control the weather, then how the hell can
    man be controlling the climate. This whole B.S of MANN-made global warming is a
    fairy tale. The MANNipulation of temperature data is a crime against humanity
    and these criminals should be put in jail.

    Be careful of the Pied Pipers of Gorezillaism- remember Hamlin- except it is
    happening to ignorant supposed adults.

    Climatologists”- are temperature historians.
    If they chose to project into the future they have gone from historians to Flat
    Screen fortune tellers. “computer generated Models” “garbage in is garbage out”

    Another definition:”Climatologist” : A temperature and weather historian. If one
    projects to future events then they are “fortune teller” Weathermen do a somewhat better job of predicting the future- 30 to 60 % correct.

    We all wish those in the Antarctic well and more power to them.

  69. Hank Clemens

    Al Gore probably has an explanation. Give him time and a few million dollars to concoct one. Meanwhile Barack will tell you it was the House Republicans and George Bush’s fault.

  70. Trust no one

    Record COLD, most likely caused by Global Warming?! Once you buy into this crap, you will accept anything they say to justify their agenda!

    • Winston Smith

      Think about what the fanatics are claiming we “must” do: 40-70% reduction in CO2 emissions by 2050. How can that be possible? Either a major technological leap, such as fusion power generation, or, the most likely scenario of massive population reduction on the order of billions “going away.” Population reduction by “other than natural means,” as well.

  71. matchless58

    Do you think these scientists would send this info to the Al Gore climate nuts out there? I don’t think so because in academia such things just are not condoned. Shame! Securlar Progressive professors and scientists just do not like the word “TRUTH”!

  72. JustAsking

    If an Antarctic expedition gets frozen solid, due to record cold temperatures, that’s “weather”… right? So how long would the bodies have to remain frozen solid, before we could legitimately call it “climate”?

    Hypothetically, of course.

  73. Tom Lawton

    This would be the ice station which found the anthropogenic ozone hole, by the way. They could probably edumificate you about CLIMATE CHANGE…

  74. Slick Wagger

    For these scientists new more sensitive equiptment and satelite geo surveys gave more to study last century and another century of steady precise measurments and no one will disaggree..

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