Gas price hypocrisy

In 2016, as part of President Obama's last budget proposal, he proposed a per barrel tax on crude oil. Analysts estimated that levy would increase retail gas prices by 25 cents or more. Whom can we trust on energy policy?

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Colorado Energy Plan bid rigging?

The Colorado Energy Plan is a massive $2.5 billion scheme by Xcel Energy that substitutes wind and solar-plus-storage power for existing coal fired generation. The Plan is supposed to be based on a competitive procurement that received a multitude of bids. Only a few were selected and the makeup of these big winners strongly suggests that there was some form of bid rigging on Xcel's part.

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100% renewable deception

There are a number of studies that seem to say that 100% renewables is feasible without filling the world with batteries. How do they do that? It turns out that there are several common tricks.

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