• Twin peaks – twin lies

    The elites are at war against the Earth’s people — and they are using the United Nations (and the EPA) as their strike force. CFACT senior advisor Paul Driessen and fusion energy advocate Tom Tamarkin note that the elites are seeking complete micro-management of the energy and living standards for every individual on the planet (except, of course, the elites). This is akin to the reintroduction of serfdom (maybe even slavery).

  • EPA analyst exposes climate science takeover

    Alan Carlin should know — he’s been there. The EPA began to phase out independent scientists during the 1990s, and the Obama Administration has finished the job — such that the “science” from the EPA is whatever the government wants it to say. It is long past time for a change back to scientific inquiry that does not have to lead to a foregone conclusion.

  • EPA’s Clean Power Plan: A recipe for consumer confusion, cost increases, and confrontations

    Imagine! If one little regulatory disagreement with the EPA has led to a years-long effort to salvage maybe half of the electric power being generated at the San Juan Generating Station in Farmington, New Mexico, what will be the full impact of the EPA’s much hated Clean Power Plan? The answer — total chaos, a massive loss of generating power, and economic ruin for millions of Americans.

  • What will America look like if the environmentalists win?

    Coleman Alderson’s new book, Mountain Whispers, Days without Sun, paints a gripping picture of how the Global Energy Enforcement Organization (GEEO) takes control of every aspect of our lives, leaving people struggling to survive a bleak existence. CFACT policy analyst Marita Noon recommends this book to those who worry about a total Green victory over those who seek freedom and prosperity.

  • Powerful anti-fossil energy lobbies target students

    America’s colleges and universities used to take pride in “free speech” — but today, billionaires and power brokers have conspired to pressure the halls of academe to stifle any dissent to the mantras of the Far Left. Hopefully, today’s students will be wise enough to consider that something so feared that it cannot even be mentioned might just be more of a threat to the powers that be than to their own understanding of reality.

  • Deepwater Horizon five years later: lessons learned

    Five years after BP’s Deepwater Horizon fire and explosion, the Gulf of Mexico is recovering nicely, and so are the people of Louisiana whose livelihoods were impaired as much by President Obama’sm unnecessary drilling moratorium as by the oil that washed ashore following the incident. The industry, too, has tightened its rules governing offshore drilling, making it even safer than before.

  • The EPA and Obama blame asthma on “global warming”

    The EPA and the White House are once again bringing up the dead horse of “global warming” (aka “climate change”) to scare the American people into accepting their radical, job-killing, health-destroying bad ideas. The science does not align with their dictates, but until someone stops them they will continue to weaken and sicken America with wrong-headed policies that punish achievement and reward cronies.

  • The American people aren’t stupid enough to buy the manmade climate crisis narrative

    The American people are increasingly not buying into the global warming (er, climate change) scary scenarios, but the Green Left, led by Al Gore, is responding by turning up the heat — and increasingly seeking to silence opposition they cannot control. That this is a losing technique escapes notice because they believe that nobody cares enough about stopping them to resist and overcome the firings, threats of prison time, and even worse from the shrill sirens of statism.

  • Climatist Jihad?

    The Climate Crisis industry, says CFACT Senior Policy Analyst Paul Driessen, is rich from government grants, foundation grants, and other money from special interest groups, all betting tyhey can convince the public that climate change is so horrific they must accept a complete government takeover of the entire society (or thereabouts). They turn white when polls show climate skeptics are well received and their research is convincing. To counter this, because they cannot or will not even try to debate the science, they resort to ad hominem attacks and other assaults on tghe character (and thus the science) presented — and they are willing to stretch or completely fabricate the “truth” about those whose work threatens them and thend eny them any chance to correct the narrative.

  • Naming enemies of U.S. fossil fuel development

    The enemies of fracking, the Keystone pipeline, and other fossil fuel related activities start with wild-eyed “Deep Green Resistance” types who oppose the entirety of Western civilization (even agriculture), include those with vested interests in alternative energy sources, and even include foreign governments (like Putin’s Russia), who recognize that cheaper oil and gas prices will hurt their economies and weaken their grip on nearby dependent countries. Naming enemies empowers those who want to defeat them.

  • The climate con goes on

    CFACT Senior Policy Analyst Paul Driessen says that the media are too heavily invested in the global warming scam to ever admit that they had been played by politicians and “scientists” for decades. There is a growing body of evidence that President Obama’s and the UN’s claims that carbon dioxide emissions are killing the planet are merely a smokescreen for their real , and now clearly stated, intention — to destroy capitalism and take the wealth of America and the West.

  • Record keepers cooked global temperature books

    We are learning that quite possibly the entire “global warming” movement is based on the falsification of actual temperature records by scientists who have systematically replaced real temperatures with computer-generated temperatures that more closely fit their grossly flawed climate models. This level of deceit — which has been rewarded with billions upon billions of dollars by politicians and nonprofit billionaires alike — means that the entire history of “climate change” is about as reliable as predicting the winners of horse races a month down the road.

  • Carbon dioxide deserves gratitude, not disdain

    Carbon dioxide levels are not at all high — they have been much higher in the past. Indeed, we are very fortunate to be living at a time of relative warmth, rather than during a little or especially a full-on ice age. Some leading scholars believe we are on the verge of another cold period – one that would be exacerbated by any cuts in atmospheric carbon dioxide levels. Meanwhile, demonizing this vital natural plant nutrient as pollution is not just absurd, it is anti-humanity.

  • EPA email shows desperate climate change agenda

    CFACT policy analyst Larry Bell reports on secret EPA emails that show the agency was desperate to keep the money train rolling in its effort to seize control over more and more of the U.S. economy. Polar bears were not scaring people enough any more, so then-Administrator Lisa Jackson conspired to create scary scenarios over alleged links of climate change to respiratory diseases. The result are new regulations that will destroy millions more jobs and further cripple the U.S. economy if allowed to be implemented.

  • NASA keeps telling “warmest” lies

    Alan Caruba slams NASA for becoming a non-factor in the exploration of space and instead allowing itself to be used as a mouthpiece for the global warming movement. While spouting off that 2014 was the warmest year ever (in modern times, of course), NASA calmly forgot to note that it used only surface temperatures (with many rural data stations missing and others corrupted in heat islands) rather than the more accurate satellite measurements to make its determinations. Fortunately, the real facts are much more readily available today — including at the upcoming 10th annual l International Conference on Climate Change in June.

  • U.S. light dimmed with Obama energy policy

    Energy policy analyst Marita Noon, a CFACT advisor, points out that India has no intention of kowtowing to political correctness in developing its energy sector. Instead, “India rejects arguments by Green activists that it must move away from coal energy, saying the alternative would be to keep its citizens in poverty.” Meanwhile, President Obama is intent on creating energy poverty in the U.S. through a regulatory assault on coal, oil and gas, and other conventional energy producers — on top of his intention to veto legislation authorizing the Keystone pipeline. Should he get his way, Americans will be anticipating blackouts and brownouts and higher energy prices across the board to go along with the energy shortages his policies are sure to create.

  • New EPA ozone rules could shutter businesses

    Once again, the EPA is emerging as a chief jobs killer for the Obama Administration (which apparently wants most Americans unemployed and dependent upon government for their very existence). The proposed new ground-level ozone standard — whether it is 60, 65, or even 70 parts per billion, will kill jobs, weaken our national and local economies — and increase the power of the Executive Branch to rule as a dictatorship.

  • What if Obama’s climate change policies are based on pHraud?

    The demand for scary scenarios to prop up failing global warming arguments has apparently led two scientists at the Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory (PMEL), which is part of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), to ignore 80 years of 20th Century ocean pH data as measured with glass electrode pH (GEPH) meters that include over 2 million records of ocean pH levels. These data do not line up with the PMEL team’s computer modeling, a strong indicator that the model, for which its creator Dr. Richard Feely, has won a $100,000 Heinz Family Foundation award, is likely worthless scientifically (though clearly of great value politically). Just as with the Michael Mann hockey stick scam, this Feely scam needs to be exposed and discredited as junk science and its arrogant perpetrators forced to accept true peer review.

  • The EPA’s man-made cooling crisis

    The United States is likely to see brownouts and blackouts thanks to the shuttering of coal-fired power plants (and who knows, maybe even gas-fired plants) that are part of an Obama Administration effort to depower the nation to satisfy environmental extremists and to satisfy his own desire to diminish the role of the United States in world affairs. The EPA is his tool of choice (along with other federal agencies whose policies rarely are blocked by either elected officials or the courts). And as the supply of electricity dwindles, the price of power will rise dramatically, with the greatest negative impacts on the poor, the elderly, and the disabled.

  • The Environmental Protection-racket Agency

    The Environmental Protection Agency has just proposed new regulations for ground-level ozone that are lower in many cases than natural ozone levels. They base this proposal on a discredited study by one scientist from California whose work has been severely criticized, and their “benefits” analysis excludes all costs of imposing the regulations, which would be the most expensive in American history. A 2010 Manufacturers’ Alliance/MAPI study calculated that a 60 ppb standard would render 85% to 95% of U.S. counties out of compliance, cost the economy $1 trillion per year, and kill 7.3 million jobs by 2020. CFACT’s Paul Driessen says that the new Congress should rein in the EPA using the principle: No data and no integrity result in no regulation and no taxpayer money to impose it.