Was the Colorado energy plan made in Minneapolis?

The Colorado Energy Plan (CEP) proposed by Xcel Energy surprised people by its boldness, which some critics called reckless. It turns out that the CEP is just part of an Xcel-wide corporate strategy, which has little to do with Colorado.

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Green energy wave coming in Colorado?

The good news is that the fracking-killing Proposition 112 did not pass, but the bad news is that it got 43% of the votes, which in political terms is a lot. Let-wing politicians see this near victory as a mandate for change. The ugly news is that the new Governor is a radical green and the Democrats now control both houses in the legislature. This likely adds up to a green energy wave coming in Colorado.

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The mouse that won’t stop roaring

Why did the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service waste over 100 million taxpayer dollars to save the Preble's meadow jumping mouse from extinction when the little critters are alive and well from Colorado to Alaska?

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A serious climate opportunity

Greg Walcher, a former secretary of the Colorado Department of Natural Resources, argues that forests provide the world’s greatest resource for cleaning CO2 out of the atmosphere. Rotting and fires themselves emit greenhouse gases, but atmospheric CO2 makes all plants grow faster and better and with improved tolerance to drought. Thus, it is vital that the U.S. must reverse policies that oppose logging, tree thinning, and other management necessary for healthy forests.

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