Save the Snake River dams or it’s hardship for the Pacific Northwest

Once Avista’s customers become Hydro One’s customers, they could be faced with electricity bills as much as 350% higher than they are currently paying. That's what happens when utilities – often coerced by governments in the name of “combating climate change” – shift from reliable sources of energy to politically fashionable but notoriously unreliable and expensive renewable energy.

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Common sense in CA as voters keep San Francisco reservoir

California's best water, along with cheap, clean, renewable hydro power will continue to flow to San Francisco from the Hetch Hechy reservoir. San Francisco voters defeated the measure 77 to 23. Greens see things differently when it's THEIR lifestyle scheduled to be diminished.

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Green civil war in San Francisco over Hetch Hetchy

The Greens are at each other's throats over San Francisco Proposition F which would fund the preparation work to drain and dismantle the Hetch Hetchy reservoir. Dynamite the dam and give the valley back to the fish and animals, or keep one of the nation's finest supplies of naturally pure water flowing to the city while generating low cost renewable electricity to boot? What's a Green to do?

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NY Times targets renewable energy

Just as congress is set to tax fossil fuels out of the U.S. economy, the New York Times has reasserted its utterly foolish demand that we tear out existing hydroelectric dams—the dams that provide most of our renewable energy in the form of water-generated electricity.

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