The Hill reported today that President Obama has not wavered in his commitment to reducing carbon dioxide levels and fighting man-made climate change:

Activists with President Obama’s campaign are trying to dampen criticism from environmentalists who say global warming has been given short shrift in the 2012 presidential race.

An email sent to environmentalists Sunday evening, obtained by The Hill, tallies numerous instances of Obama talking about climate change on the stump.

The compilation notes 15 mentions of climate change spread across a dozen speeches and remarks since July 23. For instance, the memo quotes a blurb from Obama’s speech in Mount Vernon, Iowa, on Oct. 18, when the president attacked Mitt Romney’s call to end a major tax credit for wind power projects.

“My plan will keep these investments, and we’ll keep reducing the carbon pollution that’s also heating the planet, because climate change isn’t a hoax. The droughts we’ve seen, the floods, the wildfires — those aren’t a joke. They’re a threat to our children’s future. And we can do something about it. That’s part of what’s at stake in this election,” Obama said.

So don’t think President Obama has softened his position since 2009, when he attempted to ram a cap-and-trade bill through Congress that would have required draconian cuts in carbon dioxide emissions and caused electricity rates to skyrocket. Apparently he still believes that droughts, floods, and wildfires can be banished by legislative fiat — that he can set the global thermostat by substituting unreliable wind and solar power for coal and oil.



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