In a move which shows what can only be interpreted as disdain for the UN climate summit, Poland abruptly fired its environment minister who also serves as President of COP 19!

Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk removed Environment Minister Marcin Korolec even though COP 19 has only two more days to run.  That’s a blow!

What was the reason that the change couldn’t wait?  The Polish government wants a minister who will more aggressively promote development of Poland’s shale gas reserves!

Reuters reports that

The president of the talks has the power to wield the gavel, fighting off any last-minute objections and therefore forcing through some sort of agreement, he said.

But if the president does not have the authority of his government, then his power in the eyes of other countries is reduced, the representative said.

PolishflagPoland is the host country for COP 19.  With Australia blocking treasured warming-left initiatives, Russia questioning the fairness of the entire UN process and Poland scheduling a coal conference and firing its environment minister in the middle of the COP it is clear that major countries no longer feel a need to go along with the global warming agenda to get along.

With all this and a 132 nation walkout too, can COP 19 recover its momentum and keep the global warming treaty on schedule for signing in Paris in 2015?

Let’s hope not.


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