China has led a COP 19 walkout by a bloc of 132 developing nations over the “loss and damage,” issue bringing one track of the UN climate change summit to a screeching halt.

Loss and damage refers to the concept of legal liability on the part of developed nations for natural disasters and other problems experienced by developing nations.  Extensive CFACT coverage of loss and damage here.

The hunger strike by Philippine negotiator Yeb Sano over Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda has continued through its tenth day.  Sano’s hunger strike has been the most dramatic moment of these negotiations.  Climate campaigners have seized upon the Philippines typhoon as a rationale in support of the proposed UN global warming treaty.

While we continue to encourage donations and humanitarian assistance to the Philippines and others in need (you can find ways to donate here), loss and damage is nothing more than a bogus bid by developing nations to reap a tremendous redistribution windfall.

At COP 19, CFACT has repeatedly rebutted both the loss and damage concept and the incredible non sequitor assigning blame for the typhoon which hit the Philippines to your lavish lifestyle with hard facts.

As Marc Morano of Climate Depot said at CFACT’s UN press briefing yesterday, “Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda was not the most powerful typhoon to hit the Philippines in recent history,” Marc said, “it was the seventh worst.
“While climate campaigners continue to attribute the typhoon to man-made global warming, there is no scientific or historical basis for that claim.  Neither pro-warming scientists, nor those who question warming accept the connection.  However, campaigners and delegates from developing nations at COP 19 are asserting the typhoon-climate link as fact.
The Guardian attributes  the walkout in part to the Australian delegation which wanted to set aside concrete moves on loss and damage until after a formal treaty in 2015.  The Australian delegation is apparently fearlessly following the national mandate they received via their recent election and are openly speaking out against the most egregious elements of the climate process.
Will China’s coalition be able to successfully pressure developed nations into agreeing that the weather in the developing world is your fault?
Read Climate Depot’s Marc Morano’s special report debunking the notion that typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda was a global warming event here.
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