From Roger Helmer, MEP:

I was delighted to welcome Marc Morano  and his colleague Chris Rogers to the Brussels parliament for the very first Belgian screening of their movie “Climate Hustle”  Marc is the main man at Climate Depot, a project of CFACT and is the co-writer and presenter of the film.  And before you ask, no, Marc is not a climate scientist (but of course, neither are most of the IPCC’s “experts” either).  He is in fact an investigative journalist who has devoted much of his career to challenging the claims of the global warming

The movie was shown to an invited audience in our group meeting room in Brussels to a diverse audience of MEPs, staffers and external visitors.  It was followed by a lively Q&A session, which was not entirely dominated by the sceptic faction.  There were several perceptive but respectful questions from a pro-orthodoxy position.

While the movie covered much ground that I found familiar, I personally found it hugely encouraging – not least the number of interviews with highly qualified climate scientists like, Judith Curry , who started out accepting the scientific “consensus” uncritically, but were prompted to take a closer look by the evident contradictions in the orthodoxy, and switched to a sceptical position – despite the damage that involved for their careers.  They deserve our respect.

marc-morano-climate-hustle-eu-1Given my own experience as a (fairly) lone voice in the climate debate in the EP, the movie’s affirmation of my own views was hugely encouraging, and I am grateful to Marc Morano and to Climate Depot for coming to Brussels.

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