A month ago I predicted political turmoil in EU HQ and here it is. The strong (American like) showings by both the left and right in the parliamentary elections have destabilized the old, comfortable, left wing center.

The issue is who gets the top political positions? It is sort of like who will now be president? Except under the EU’s Byzantine structure there are several presidents, or sort of, I think.

As I understand it there is the President of the EU Commission, the President of the European Parliament, the President of the European Council (whose members are the EU countries), plus some other bigwig posts.

Britain having its own internal turmoil, with May on her way out, has left Germany (with Merkel probably also on her way out) and Macron’s France to defend the liberal center and that defense is decidedly weak, to say the least. Amusingly, Spain is now being cited as a power.

What is happening is actually pretty simple, but the liberal media simply does not want to report it. Trump-like populism is advancing. The old rules gave these top posts to the parties with the most votes but these are not centrist liberal parties so the liberals do not want to give up power.

The screamingly liberal ForeignPolicy.com put it this way: “Europe Must Not Allow Enemies of Democracy to Choose the Next EU Commissioner.”

The so-called “enemies of democracy” are popularly elected governments that (gasp, choke) are not left wing. Here is FP’s lefty take on it: “This May’s European Parliament elections showed how the familiar battles about the governance of the eurozone are receding; a new one setting nationalist demagogues against the rule of law and the fundamental rights of Europeans is taking shape.”

Seems those of us who believe in things like individual freedoms and national sovereignty are “nationalist demagogues against the rule of law.” It is pretty clear that their “rule of law” means rule by the EU and UN, meaning global left wing government.

In any case, who actually finally gets these top jobs is not the real story, fun though that may be to watch. The EU power structure has shifted big time. So the big question is what the EU will do, if anything much?

Here in America we have a “hung Congress” so little that is big can happen, which I think is the people’s will, since they did it. The idea of what the people want seems a bit strange to the Euro bosses, who seem to prefer long term plans for the people. Those plans are now in the can.

Populism is not a dirty word. It means democracy. But then democracy is something of an American invention, right? Isn’t that what the Fourth of July celebrates? Independence from European control?


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