No, Greenland is not approaching a melting ‘tipping point’

An article on the climate activist website Inside Climate News ( claims Greenland is perilously close to a tipping point that will destabilize the Greenland ice sheet and result in substantial ice melt and sea level rise. The ice sheet’s stability through much warmer temperatures that lasted several thousand years during early human civilization, however, strongly contradicts the assertion. Even climate alarmists have long acknowledged that temperatures would need to continue rising for many centuries before threatening a substantial melting of the Greenland ice sheet. A new study, however, claims that analysis of fossilized sea shells off of the coast of [...]

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CO2 has its benefits

Most plants grow 1) much faster, 2) healthier, 3) stronger, 4) use water more efficiently, 5) grow much more efficiently in higher altitudes and drier locations, 6) handle heat better, 7) handle all types of stresses better, and 8) are often more pest resistant - with more C02 in the air.

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CFACT catches Greta Thunberg’s paparazzi-filled entrance to COP 25

After crossing the Atlantic ocean on two plastic yachts, and proving conclusively that sailing is not the future of world travel, Greta Thunberg finally arrived at COP 25. CFACT was there and took video of the mob of paparazzi surrounding Greta who is the biggest thing at the conference this year.  COP 25 should be renames Greta-fest 2019.

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Trump bids Paris Agreement adieu

The Paris Agreement will not meaningfully alter the temperature of the world, but it would redistribute money and power, not to our benefit. President Trump was correct to pull us out. We should stay out.

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