Solar ovens and sustained poverty for Africa

Ugandan activist Steven Lyazi argues that, while wind and solar and biomass energy do provide some relief for many Africans, they are not true substitutes for round-the-clock reliable energy such as is found in First World countries with electric power grids fueled by coal, oil, natural gas, and nuclear energy -- all of which are in abundant supply in various African nations. Westerners tend to think it is just fine for Africans to live in poverty, especially energy poverty, while they enjoy the benefits of a fossil- and nuclear-fuel economy.

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Green energy poverty week

April 22 is Earth Day, the March for Science, and Lenin’s birthday (which many say is appropriate, since environmentalism is now green on the outside and red, anti-­free enterprise on the inside). April 29 will feature the People’s Climate March. The Climate March website says these forces of “The Resistance” intend to show President Trump they will fight his hated energy agenda every step of the way. Science March organizers say they won’t tolerate anyone who tries to “skew, ignore, misuse or interfere with science.” After eight years of government policies that killed jobs and economic growth – and skewed, ignored, [...]

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I have a dream for a prosperous Uganda

By Cyril BoynesI am of a Christian background. However, one of my favorite people was Jewish, and another is Muslim.The Jewish man was business professor and author Julian Simon. He taught that people are the world’s most valuable resource, and the “ultimate resource” is our creative intellect.The Muslim is Bangladeshi banker and economist Muhammad Yunus. He says “poor people are like bonsai trees,” planted in a little pot. “There is nothing wrong with their seeds. It’s just that society never gave them an adequate soil base to grow.”“Once the poor can unleash their energy and creativity,” Dr. Yunus continues, “poverty will [...]

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CFACT hosts tour of energy poor village of La Libertad at Cancun climate talks Escaping the climate energy trap

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: Wolfgang Mueller Wednesday, December 8, 2010                                                          (+521) 998 225 9854 (Cancun, Mexico) Few things divide rich from poor like access to affordable energy.  In this 21st century it has been estimated that 1.4 billion people lack access to electricity while 3 billion people cook with solid fuel.  On Wednesday, December 8, CFACT transported COP16 delegates, press and observers to the Mexican village of La Libertad, where people cook, heat and live without electricity.  La Libertad presents a compelling picture of the plight of the energy poor. “As COP16 considers the future of the world's energy policy, [...]

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Empowering the poor in the Yucatan jungle

By Duggan FlanakinIn the heart of the Yucatan jungle lies the village of Becan, where CFACT recently sent a team to make a documentary film that demonstrates the principles of economic empowerment.   CFACT developed these principles five years ago through its international social entrepreneurship program. Aldesus AC, a Mexican nonprofit organization that focuses on assisting the poor in their quest for a better life, was inspired by CFACT’s vision and is now in the early stages of a major effort to help Becan’s residents improve their standard of living. Aldesus founder, Sara Andrade, explained that the Becan project involves a two-way [...]

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