Can COVID-19 be treated with low-dose radiation?
New research raises interesting possibilities....
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207, 2020

Current extremes of non-extremes

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when you hear comments that run counter to what you see, it brings up the old admonition, Who are you Going to Believe, Me or your Lying Eyes?

2306, 2020

Factually examining climate change

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Most of the world’s leading economic powers – excluding China Russia and Iran - are legitimizing misguided energy and electricity policies based on global warming/climate change.

2206, 2020

Buying the farm vote with carbon credits

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They are going after America’s farmers and ranchers by proposing to give them money for what they naturally do, draw upon photosynthesis to utilize carbon dioxide to grow their crops and forests, and ask those who raise our meat to capture their flatulence.

2106, 2020

Another Covid-19 silver lining – hygienic wipes beat the sewer fascists!

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In the UK, Friends of the Earth wants to make wipes both less useful and less available, calling for “an end to synthetic fibres, like plastic, in wet wipes; Better, clearer messaging on wet wipes to prevent them from being flushed down toilets; and a ban on the marketing of any single-use wipes as flushable.

2006, 2020

Is STEM inherently racist?

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On June 10, groups named Shut Down STEM and Particles for Justice led nearly 6,000 scientists – and even journals like Nature -- in a stop work day to protest “systemic racism in STEM” (science, technology, and math) professions.