UN bureaucrats chow down on burgers while attacking meat
The global warming agenda is the gift that keeps on giving for everyone who wants to control what you do, and like the mafia, wants a piece of the action whenever money is on the line....
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312, 2019

Animals could help humans monitor oceans

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BY CHARLES ROTTER: Sharks, penguins, turtles and other seagoing species could help humans monitor the oceans by transmitting oceanographic information from electronic tags.

212, 2019

The UN’s impossible climate action pyramid

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Every year the UN produces a climate action report just before the annual climate summit (this year COP 25 in Madrid). This time the UN greens have outdone themselves, but not in a good way for them.

2811, 2019

Thankful for freedom’s abundance

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Hundreds of millions of Americans will share a turkey dinner on the same night at a price anyone can afford. This massive successful exercise in logistics brought to you not by government planning and decree, but by free exchange. Freedom nurtures. Be thankful!