By law, California high speed rail may be doomed to fail

By Ronald Stein It has been 10 years since passage of California Proposition 1A the High-Speed Rail Act that approved the $9.95 billion bond, a down payment on a high-speed rail project that was optimistically estimated by proponents at that time to cost $40 billion. Today, the California high-speed rail cost may approach $100 billion. Public enthusiasm is obviously dwindling.

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Brown fiddled while California burned

Historians have found no conclusive evidence that the Emperor Nero was playing his lyre during Rome's great fire. He wasn't even in the city. Future historians will have no problem documenting that Governor Brown and the Greens chose ideology over effective forest management, fire fighting and prevention.

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California’s fires not climate

Governor Brown, if you are still searching for the anthropogenic link to California's tragic fires, we expect somewhere in the governor's mansion there’s probably a mirror.

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California supports “Big Oil” — So long as it’s foreign

By Ronald Stein California is home to the largest crude oil reserves in America, but the States’ choice to not drill for that oil requires in-state manufacturers to “export” billions of dollars annually to oil rich foreign countries to import their oil to meet the state’s energy demands.

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CFACT Billboard — “Insane Electricity Prices Ahead!”

California's mistaken new energy law spells trouble for everyone. As business flees, the politicians in Sacramento are going to want to inflict the same burdens on the rest of us to "make things fair." This energy-wound is self inflicted. California should adopt a wiser course and others should avoid repeating their mistake.

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