Doug Ford deep-sixing Ontario’s Green Energy Act

The Ford government has already canceled 758 renewable energy contracts signed by the Liberals. Ontario has some of the highest electricity rates in North America and its cost was a major issue in the recent provincial election that saw the Conservatives win a landslide majority.

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White Eagle

While the Greens have been effective at convincing certain local and provincial leaders to oppose pipelines, they have only had mixed results with indigenous peoples. The reason: Because many of these tribes are poor and in desperate need of economic development.

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Ontario teaches what not to do on energy

Dr. Tim Ball and Tom Harris To fix the province’s woes, new Conservative Premier Doug Ford must first understand the causes of the problems. A major issue has been crippling energy and environmental policies.

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Warm friends / Canadian chill

Canada is experiencing a cold spell — not just with respect to the weather. The country is set to fall into tough economic times with its business climate going into deep freeze.

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Will questioning climate change become illegal in Canada?

A climate pressure group wants a Canadian law enforcement agency to prosecute the International Climate Science Coalition and other U.S. and Canadian organizations for “misrepresenting the science” on climate change.

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Finally, courage to counterpunch the green bullies

Resolute Forest Products, after initially going along with Greenpeace and its green allies who sought to put most of Canada's boreal forests off limits to logging, has begun to fight back, given that Greenpeace continued its campaign to bankrupt the company even after it signed onto the crippling deal. Resolute has filed lawsuits against Greenpeace in both the U.S. and Canada.

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Obama: Iranian oil, good. Canadian oil, bad. American oil, bad.

Another day, another way in which the Obama Administration undermines U.S. energy security and prosperity -- this time through granting ridiculous concessions to Iran while hunkering down to depress the U.S. and Canadian oil markets. Such an energy policy could have only been designed in places like Tehran -- or by those whose desire to placate the iranians is so intense that common sense and the U.S.national interest have been thrown overboard.

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What’s next for the Keystone pipeline?

President Obama will soon have to decide whether to please big labor or Big Green -- and his risk is that if he chooses Big Green over big labor and then the labor unions push Democrats who depend on their votes to vote to override his veto of the Keystone Pipeline authorization, he loses big time. The clock is ticking -- and the stakes are high. Meanwhile, President-in-waiting Hillary Clinton is silent ... perhaps fearing the same Hobson's choice. The huge drop in the oil price -- which some now claim is a further reason to ignore Keystone -- is on the verge of a quick rebound thanks to Obama's feckless foreign "policy." Stay tuned!

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Beekeeepers blaming pesticides for bee losses could face bigger losses in court

Prodded by attorneys, beekeepers in Canada's Ontario Province have filed a lawsuit against pesticide manufacturers, claiming that neonicotinoids are killing their hives. But beekeepers in western Canadian provinces are seeking to opt out of the lawsuit, but the Siskinds law firm is not cooperating with their requests. Should the beekeepers lose in court, they will be obligated to pay court costs and perhaps damages. Perhaps they will have to file their own lawsuit against the plaintiffs.

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Keystone obfuscation must end now!

If he truly cares about American jobs, it is time for President Obama to expedite approval of Keystone. Any further delay would send a clear signal to the nation, and to Canada, that he will never approve the project and has no real interest in creating jobs and getting our economy back on track. The charade would be over. The President who promised to bankrupt coal companies would go on record as trying to bankrupt oil companies and keep Americans in unemployment lines.

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